You Don't Need a Fortune Teller to tell Madyson Lash has a Future in Music!

When it comes to bravery, anybody can be the champion if their heart is in the right place. Personal bravery, however, takes a different form in the small victories we achieve due to our own strength and efforts towards a goal. When it comes to Madyson Lash in Virginia Beach, the two words that come to mind are real and empowering, both of which are due to her strong will to accomplish great things in music.

Currently on active military duty with 3 years left in her service, you would think that Madyson wouldn’t have the time to achieve her goals. However, like a lot of artists with a 9-5, once she’s off the grindstone it's onto the next grind. “I’ve always had a passion for music. A lot of family and friends say I could sing before I could talk. That love drove me to start doing it on my own.”

As a pop-alternative singer-songwriter, Madyson faces the challenges of conveying her message with emotion, and strives to do so with her work. “There is real and raw and genuine emotion when listening to my music,” she said, also mentioning that she felt more connected to herself due to her music. “Music has helped me grow as a person.” This especially shows in her latest song Champion.

Champion is a song about family, and disconnecting from some of the challenging toxic relationships in our lives. In the song, she mentions a deep trauma due to her “betrayal by blood” and how she feels certain members of her family alienate her. She is ultimately the champion because she is the one who accepts this hurting and will be fine on her own without that toxicity in her life.

When asked about the song, Madyson said “Don’t let other peoples opinions stray you away from your goal. At the end of the day, your biggest fan will be you… If you don’t like what you’re doing, then how do you expect somebody else to feel the same way?” She also feels that it’s important to be honest about your feelings with others, as it drives better connections in her music.

Continuing with musical advice, she also mentioned that it’s important to “Pay more attention to the ‘behind the scenes’... There's surface level, and then there’s everything underneath it. When I started out, I was only focusing on the surface level stuff.” She’s planning to utilize this strategy with a lot of work going into the behind the scenes for her latest single, Fortune Teller, that came out May 22, 2022. The hook for this song was created as a piece for Ascendance Music Groups hook contest earlier this year.

“I wouldn’t have written this song if it weren’t for Ascendance. Now it’s reality because of you all…” Madyson joked during her interview with us. Coming later this year for her, her DEBUT album Straight From The Heart drops June 22nd, and talks about a lot of what’s been happening to Madyson. Coming to all streaming platforms this year, this is a project worth looking into. And as always, remember to stay brave.

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