Volk - Beach Boy (Song Review #12)

If you are having a bad day, bored, or just in a meh mood one listen to Volk's single "Beach Boy" will get you right out of it! This song is in your face, hype, and the very definition of the word banger. The wild thing is, this was his first time trying a song like this and in our opinion he nailed it!

Typically when writing these song reviews we summarize what the artists answer to questions we give them but we feel like each of his answers are so thorough that we are leaving them just as he has sent them! For sure give him a follow on socials and check out his diverse range within his music! For Volk, we know this is just the beginning!

What mindset where you in when writing it?

To be honest I had the idea of creating a Rap/Trap style song over some sort of sampled Surfer Rock beat for a while. The problem was I wasn’t a producer-just a songwriter/rapper who knew how to mix/master tracks. My buddy Cody who produces (@pxrslly) and I eventually met up and tried to start it off but it didn’t really go anywhere at the time. A month or two later I noticed a song (Surfs Up by Jasiah) and it was near the vibe I was looking to create, this caused mixed feelings. I was rather upset/anxious because the idea I’d had for months was becoming uncovered, slowly closing in on my shot to innovating something unique within the music industry. But also ambitious to quit lacking innovation within my music and take action on my ideas-which led me to immediately starting writing “Beach Boy.”

While writing it I truly wanted to capture a taste of surfing references-something the common surfer could connect/relate to. I feel as if before Beach Boy there wasn’t much hype trap songs metaphorically based around the aspect of surfing in general combined with characteristics of Dick Dale-style surfer rock. To be clear, this song most definitely DOES NOT represent surfing culture or its history/origins, but includes references that the common surfer may find entertaining, exciting, enjoyable, or even comical in a relatable sort of aspect.

What do you want the listeners to know or feel when they listen to it?

Beach Boy is honestly something you can turn up to on the way to a surf sesh, post sesh driving to the local Mexican food shop (San Diego has the best Mexican food besides Mexico by the way,) landing your first kickflip, and/or anything else. This song doesn’t exclude non-surfers/skaters, I love the idea of people from all sorts of backgrounds coming together to vibe to a piece of music. Although I’m screaming like crazy and talking smack about beginner surfers, it’s all jokes and nothing to be taken seriously. If you’re ever in San Diego and wanna learn to surf just hit me up (Insta @711evan_v) and I’d love to give tips on where the safest spot is/where to stay away from/etc. As an ocean/bay lifeguard for the city of San Diego I can’t stress enough the importance of learning to swim (especially before you surf.) Swimming should definitely be taught throughout all public schools-one of my goals to help better the educational system…I’ll save the specifics for another interview, much love!

We hope to get as much community interaction as possible so the artist will better understand where he is at and what he can improve on. So before seeing our scores, we encourage you to check out his song and rate the following categories:

  • Beat Selection - What do you think about the beat in regards to the song. Does the beat compliment the song or take away from it completely? Is the beat too complex or is it too simple?

  • Production Value - What do you think about the overall product of the song? Do you think the mix can be better or the volumes leveled a bit more? Are the vocals much louder then the beat or vice versa?

  • Replay Value - Would you personally replay this song? How often and in what situations?

  • Lyrics - What do you think about the lyrics? Are they profound or super simple? Are they simple but catchy or complex but boring?

  • Cadence / Delivery - How is the performance of the song? Does it keep you interested with flow switches and fluctuation in tone or is it stagnat and boring?

  • Cover Art - What do you think about the cover art? Do you think much work was put into it ? Is it eye catching?


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​8.6 / 10

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​7.3 / 10

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​7.3 / 10





8.3 / 10