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Updated: Jan 28

Verum is a rapper. producer and social media influencer who’s been making music for about five years. With his signature romantic and often broken hearted verses and duets on Tiktok, not only does he have the whole internet catching feels but he has made a name for himself that extends far beyond the app.

Before his viral success, though, there were some times where life was touch and go for Verum. also gained over the last year he’s popped off on TikTok with several videos with over 1 million views & likes Before his viral success, though, there were some times where life was touch and go for Verum. In 2016 he was running track in the morning, working at a grocery store during the day, and then writing, producing and mixing music out of his car, where he was also living. It was then he started writing the first song that would become track six on his album Passing Thoughts, released in 2018. We love the emotional depth and storytelling on this album and think it’s seriously slept on.

Verum wasn’t on the musician path at first, other than being in band class in middle school, he would much rather do sports when he was younger. He found his musical inspiration to write at random one day when he was 25, listening to beats on YouTube. The beat that is now Ten Toes Down came on and he felt emotions flooding through him and put pen to paper. “I was like, I think I’m writing a rap right now! So I sent it to my sister who is a musician, and she was like ‘you gotta record that!’ So I did, and I showed it to her and she was like, ‘you gotta make a video!’ So I did.”

Verum posted a video of himself rapping that song on Facebook that got 10,000 views. That was when it really hit him that he was making something next level that was getting people’s attention. In 2019 he met his girlfriend, and his whole life trajectory changed when later that year they found out they were expecting a baby.

He wrote but didn’t release any music that year. In March 2020, his son was born right as the US was locking down for the pandemic. His jobs had been shut down, and he was at home all the time. He decided that he wanted to get back to making music, and really do it right. He got on TikTok in July, and quickly realized that the platform works best if you can create “viral” videos. Once he sorted out what kind of videos he should make, it was just a matter of rinsing and repeating his way to success.

Verum has now grown his social platforms to the point where he’s had record labels reach out to him, but he doesn’t feel like now is the right time to sign a deal. Not only that, he’s happy growing slowly but organically, making real connections with fans.

He says his viral success doesn’t necessarily mean his art is better than anyone else’s, it’s all about the way he promotes himself. Now that he has a family to support, it’s a great feeling to finally be at the point where he’s making money from his music instead of only ever putting money into music.

Q - Where did you come up with your artist name Verum? I spent about a year making music without releasing it before I gave myself a name. I wanted something that represented the essence of my music, and I wanted my music to feel authentic and true. I didn’t wanna go basic and be called “true” or “truth,” so I went with verum which is basically Latin for truth.

Q - What is your starting point with making a track? I start by trying to find a sound that stirs an emotion in me, and go from there. Whether that’s a sample or a beat on YouTube or a lyrical idea.

Q - What is the goal with your music? To evoke intense emotions, that make someone feel seen or heard, whether you meant them to interpret it that way or not. I used to worry too much about the technical stuff and trying to make the sound perfect, but now I do my own production and marketing, even if I’m not doing it perfectly, I focus most on making a connection with people.

Q - Who are your main musical inspirations? J. Cole, 2Pac, Eminem, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne and Kanye are my main inspirations, but also just about every artist I’ve come across I try to learn from.

Q - What’s your favorite part of making music? When I first started it was the writing and it’s still one of the most fun parts for me, but now that I’ve learned how to really connect with people in a meaningful way and making money, I’d have to say it’s the promotion. That and the first time you hit play after you’ve completely finished a track.

Q - Any advice for a creative who has had people doubt their abilities? First of all, don’t take it personally because it has more to do with them than you. Keep creating. Every artist needs to have boundaries on who they share their art with. Don’t try to share your music with people who aren’t going to like it, find the people who will love it.

If you found Verum’s story inspiring, be sure to follow his journey at to find him on all his streaming and social platforms. His latest single “This Letter I Write” is out now.

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