Tomijean - Weightless (Song Review #14)

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

“A life once so broken, but now I’m inclined”

After leaving a toxic household and starting the life that she wanted, Tomijean created her powerful single titled "Weightless". Writing this song Tomijean felt a sense of power and accomplishment that she hopes she will be able to spread with others dealing with toxic environments through her expressing her pain and showing just how much she grew from it.

We were carried away with this song months ago hearing it for the first time and are excited to finally share with the rest of you what we think of the song and to get your opinion as well.

Listen to "Weightless" Here.

We hope to get as much community interaction as possible so the artist will better understand where she is at and what she can improve on. So before seeing our scores, we encourage you to check out her song by clicking the link above and rate the following categories:

  • Beat Selection - What do you think about the beat in regards to the song. Does the beat compliment the song or take away from it completely? Is the beat too complex or is it too simple?

  • Production Value - What do you think about the overall product of the song? Do you think the mix can be better or the volumes leveled a bit more? Are the vocals much louder then the beat or vice versa?

  • Replay Value - Would you personally replay this song? How often and in what situations?

  • Lyrics - What do you think about the lyrics? Are they profound or super simple? Are they simple but catchy or complex but boring?

  • Cadence / Delivery - How is the performance of the song? Does it keep you interested with flow switches and fluctuation in tone or is it stagnant and boring?

  • Cover Art - What do you think about the cover art? Do you think much work was put into it ? Is it eye catching?


Jessica Jan

Raven Nicole




Beat Selection





9 / 10

​Production Value





8.5 / 10

Replay Value





8.25 / 10






8.75 / 10