Toe to Toe with Blackmontreal

We had the opportunity to meet with battle rapper turned full blown artist Blackmontreal who is a Canada born, Florida living, hair cutting, 80's baby. While he knows he can go toe to toe with anyone, he's learned that he wants his music to be memorable and relatable not just an attack on the beat. Blackmontreal was the August Artist of the Month with Ascendance and even won with a freestyle he did called Fire. Not only was his track fire but his loyal fan base really pushed him through the competition!

"It's about making good music but also about being relatable."

When Did You Start Rapping?

"I started songwriting at about ten or eleven. Then I started battle rapping at like 13 years old. But I started recording at 15. I'm 32 now so I've been in the game awhile."

Who Is Your Biggest Fan?

"You always want to go to your mom but I don't know man. There's some die-hards that know me better than I know me. They be at my shows spitting my songs better than me. If I had to pick one person though it'd be my guy Julio. He's at every show at the front of stage spitting every lyric reminding me in case I forget."

Who Would You Say Your Influences Are?

"I gotta give it to the GOAT, Lil Wayne. Honestly though I grew up on so many others like Pac, Nas, Cassidy, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Styles P. I mean I could going. Eminem, J. Cole who I know is more new era. When I listen to him I really relate to the song and feel like he knows me."

How Was The Transition From Battle Rapper To Artist?

"For a long time it was almost like I was battling the beat. It's not that I couldn't make a cohesive song if I wanted to sit down and write something but my typical style; unless you gave me a topic to go for, would just be bragadocious, flexing rap skills, and attacking the beat. Like I was trying to make sure no one could come on after me and that's cool for like old heads but if you don't have relatable cohesive songs people aren't going to hit replay. So it was me learning that. "

Blackmontreal gets in the studio every other week or so but when he's there, HE'S THERE! Each session brings about 4-7 songs leaving him with approximately 55-60 songs in mix and master as we speak. With a large catalogue already on all streaming platforms and more to come, Blackmontreal is a monster on the mic and a challenger you don't want the lyrical smoke with. Be sure to follow him on all social media platforms and also be on the lookout every Tuesday for a new release! Check out the full interview below and please do check out his music, It'll get you in a hype vibe for sure!

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