The Sad Boy Anthem that's Making a Difference

Gabe, aka Redd’s Deadd, is a "junk yard pop star" whose most recent release is making a big difference in the mental health world. Before his most recent releases, one of the biggest critiques people would give is that they want him to dig deeper and be more authentic. He took those notes and took off his mask to reveal a rawness in his music that not only helps express how he feels but also makes waves in destigmatizing the struggles of mental health.

"I want my music to build community of wellness and working through our issues as a unit. I picture my songs being on playlists as that go to song to let you know that you are going to be okay and that I've got you and everyone listening to my songs has got you as well."

“I’m Sorry, I’m OK” is a heartfelt track from his upcoming project (title in the works) coming out early 2022 that speaks on the difficulties of dealing with mental health issues. Like a lot of great ideas, the first lines for the song came to Gabe while he was at work: “I’m sorry, I’m ok, moving day to day.” He immediately felt inspired to fill out the rest of the words to the song when he got home. When it came time to record the song, his vocals only took about 45 minutes because of the emotions that came flooding out of him through the words he sang.

What was your process?

When you stuggle with mental illness you feel like a burden a whole lot. You feel like you can't really open up because you're causing someone else problems by doing so. The concept i'm sorry, i'm okay was kind of like saying "I'm sorry, I'm fine" which is kind of like the fake answer to "how are you?".

What lyrics do you feel are the most impactful?

“I’m Sorry, I’m OK, moving day to day, it’s something. All I ever wanted was someone to see me, I said that I was down but you wouldn’t believe me. I’m sorry, I’m ok, moving day to day, it’s something. All I ever wanted was someone to see me, I sat inside my room just slowly bleeding.”

This song is the “sad boi” anthem you’ve been searching for. It’s like a sweet mix of Juice WRLD and Blink 182, with a beat that will make you want to bounce along but with lyrics that are emotional, deep and relatable.

Because of the open and emotional message in Redd's Dedd's music he understand that there is no virality to be had in his type of music and that alot of work will need to be done on a regular basis, but he is ready for it. A place he imagines his song being played is on a playlist of sad songs, not for the purpose of being sad but to help you through things.

If his message resonates with you, listen below and add Redd's Dedd's song "I'm Sorry, I'm OK" to your favorite or most emotional playlist. Find all his other streaming and social links on his Linktree. Before you do that, at the suggestion of Redd's Dedd, remember to check on your loved ones and make sure when they say they’re ok, they truly are.


"This new project i'm working on is all about mental health awareness, kind of a process where you get to the point of being content with who you are and working through some of these mental issues that I've been through alot myself and still struggle through to this day. The beginning of the album is going to be '"these are the struggles" the middle of the album will be "this is how we are going to deal with it" and the end of the album is the "we are all going to be okay".


Although Redd Dedd loves his Sad Boi music he has been experimenting with hyper pop punk style music to portray that he really is a happy person even though his music tends to be on the sadder side. He wants the dynamic to be even though he struggles with mental health issues he is still overcoming, he is happy, content and getting to the place where he can be happy in his own skin.

We are excited to hear more from Redd's Dedd and encourage you to reach out to him and listen to his music if anything resonates with you.

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