The Miseducation of Melanin Gaud

Bree, better known as the queen Melanin Gaud, is a Hip Hop artist hailing from Dallas, TX. This lyrical powerhouse has been song writing since she was just a young kid. Originally she started writing poetry until she discovered The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at the very young age of 7 years old.

Upon discovering the goat that is Lauryn Hill, Bree thought to herself, “This is just like poetry. I wonder what my poems sound like to a beat. So I did and I was like, 'yo, this is kinda dope!'” From that point on, Bree’s not only did her passion for writing and hip hop keep growing, her skills kept improving.

Bree has always written positive, uplifting, relatable rhymes, but is now specifically focused on writing Gospel Rap. What started out as a passion for music itself, recently became a spiritual experience for Bree. In February 2021 during the freak freeze in Texas Bree was trying to out-drive dropping temperatures, but quickly found herself in the middle of a snow storm losing control of the car and sliding off the road.

“Within 30 seconds, I could’ve died like three times.”

Every part of the car was banged up except for the driver’s side. At that moment, she said “Alright, you kept me here for a reason, so now you have my attention.” Bree realized she wanted her music to reach people who needed it most, asking God to guide her pen to write what needed to be said.

Q: What inspired the name

Melanin Gaud?

"It was during a time where there were a lot of names with “God” in them, so I decided to switch it up and use the word “gaud,” as in flashy or showy, you know. That combined with melanin because there’s no shame in showing it off!"

Q: What is your songwriting process like?

"I listen to beats, looking for something that speaks to me. When I hear the right sample or melody, I can hear exactly what I’d sound like over top of it and know it’s the one."

Q: What part of the creating process are you a part of?

"I'm actually learning how to engineer, so at the moment I currently record and then hook up with my engineer Josh. I have a studio out here in Dallas called fifty50studios. My fist actual song "Prayed for This" I did myself. I recorded in my closet. Besides that everything else has gone through the studio for the quality sound. I just apply what I learn."

Melanin Gaud evokes so much emotion from just the conviction in her lyrics. She creates for the love of music but also always creates with intention. More often than not you can find her in studio at fifty50Studios in the heart of Dallas. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on all social media platforms and be sure to follow her on Twitter to watch her thrive on her spiritual and musical journey. We believe in her message, love her music, and respect her artistry. We know it won't be long until the world is hearing her powerful words.

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