The Juicy Life of Fruit Snack Mafia

Matthew Fike, better known as the Pop Punk sensation Fruit Snack Mafia, is a musician and mental health advocate from small town Sparta in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Not only can he play several instruments including the guitar, ukele, and keyboard but he also produces, arranges and writes his own music. He started his career on Macbook at the young age of 13 where he used GarageBand to record 30 second songs while learning how to use a DAW. As of 2020 he upgraded his DAW to Logic.

Though he has only just started distributing his creations, he is on a mission to influence, inspire, help and change lives just as his favorites bands did for him amongst many others.

Q: Where Did The Name Fruit Snack Mafia Come From?

"So this dates back to the beginning of the pandemic when all I wanted to do was get stoned and hang out with people on discord. The pandemic was happening and we all kinda knew it was gonna get bad, so I went to the grocery store to stock up on stuff. I stocked up on a lot of fruit snacks because I like them. I was on a discord chat with 2 of my friends and one of them had bought a giant box of fruit by the foot, I bought a whole bunch of gushers and my other friend had a 10 pound bag of gummy bears. In my stoned state I said, "We're like the Fruit Snack Mafia right now." Then I wrote it down and now here we are."

Q: What Made You Want To Become An Artist?

"I've been exposed to music ya know like everybody. I was exposed to the music I listen to today at a very young age. My dad tells me he had the album "Dookie" by Green Day playing when I was a baby a lot. It came out the same year I was born so it was kind of a prophetic thing that I loved the album so much. It inspired me to pick up a guitar. It inspired me to just start writing. I find that album to be relatable a lot more these days than back in the day when I was like I'm angry but don't know why. I get it now. I get why it's an outlet. I've been singing since I could talk. I even did talent shows and musicals as a kid."

Q: Who Are Your Top Band Influences?

"I'd say Owl City was a big influence for a long time. I listened to them a lot in middle and high school. Death Cab for Cutie. Postal Service is one of my favorite bands to this day. As far as Pop Punk, I'd say Green Day's like my number one. Lately Sum 41 has been a big influence. I've been listening to the early 2000's stuff like Blink-182. Just fun, angry pop punk music."

Q: How Long Have You Been Creating?

"Putting out music has been a pretty recent development. "Boy In A Bubble" was my first release back in August. I grew up very reserved so this was just a thing for me, self expression, but then I decided I want to do this. I want to be what these bands that helped me, influenced me to get out of my head. I want to be that person."

Q: Who's Your Biggest Supporter?

"As cheesy as it is, my family. Outside of them, I have a close group of friends I show unreleased music or music I'm working on and they always say they're excited to hear the finished product."

Fruit Snack Mafia may be new to the distribution side of music but he's no newcomer to the creating side. Be on the lookout for much more from this one man band and be sure to stream his first release "Boy In A Bubble" while we wait for his upcoming releases. You can find Fruit Snack Mafia on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube to keep up with his music journey.

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