Spending some time with the Ascendance Family Leaders

From left to right- Raven Nicole, Silva , Chico Sager

Raven Nicole, Chico Sager, and Silva from the Ascendance Family leadership team sat down together to discuss some topics, answer some questions and talk a bit about themselves. We start it off with answering some questions asked to us!

Raven Nicole

Raven Nicole is an Independent American rapper, songwriter, and producer from Texas. Instead of waiting to “Perfect” her craft she decided to release music mixed and mastered to the best of her abilities, allowing her fans and followers to go through the trial and error process that is progress to allow them to watch the journey and maybe be inspired to start their own. She is passionate about Gender Equality in the Music Industry and the deteriotion of the idea of a timeline set upon most people to be at a certain stage in life before they are ready.


Silva is a man of many talents and one of them is music. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil he comes from a musical family and has been around music most of his life. His versatility is what makes him stand out touching genres like Hip Hop to Alternative Pop. Lucas is motivated on improving his rhyme skills and becoming one of the greatest song writers in history.

Chico Sager

Chico is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who is based in Salt Lake City, UT. Having found his passion for sound at a young age, he decided to pursue a future in music production and eventually work on becoming an artist. Chico is focused on the expansion of self-awareness through the frequencies of music. He is passionate about spreading positivity and wants to inspire people to live a very happy and positive life.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

Lucas is currently working on 3 songs. The Ascendance theme song, a feature with Raven Nicole and a colloboration track with Hypehen. The colloborative track with Hyphen will be his first released song where produced the beat.

Raven Nicole just dropped a track called Mulan and also is prepping for another release to her song titled "Matter" being released on the 20th. Besides that, she has many unreleased and unfinished songs in her vault that she plans on releasing before the year ends..

Chico Sager is currently working on finishing his large bank of beats and would for sure like a push to finish.

Q: What is your Vision? Mission, and Objectives?

A: Our vision is to create a community where independent artist can meet and colloborate wiht each other people just like them.

Q: What is your Mission?

A: Our mission is to help artists expand their fan base by offering an audience of people interested in discovering new music.

Q: What are your Objectives?

A: Our main objective is to be a soure and an opportunity for independent artists to feel like they have a voice and that their message is being heard unfiltered.

Q: How does your community work?

A: Instead of using the word community, we prefer family because that's what we are and what we hope to keep crafting. As a family, we do Song Reviews where the family gives genuine critiques and feedback to help them grow, we are active within the family and make sure to hype each other up. Also starting in August, we have Artist of the Month which is centered around fan based voting. We will soon be launching a discord where members of the family can just chill out with other like minded people, play some games, or get some advice. We also have a forum on our website where you can ask for feedback, give feedback and more.

Talking with the family is always a good time and we gave you a brief summary with this blog but to hear the full and hear us play a game you for sure should check out our podcast and get to know our personalities and our thoughts on a couple of topics. Comment Below any questions you have for us or anything you want to see from us.