Song Reviews #6 with Toot, A.mackk & LA ULTRA

Our first song review this month is a hype song titled "Hyperloop" by Toot. In his words, Hyperloop is about feeling like you have nothing to do so you turn to the music and just rock out and have fun with friends because these are the times we need to cherish because we never know and music can bring us closer than ever.

With a score of 6/10, Toot has a whole anthem on his hands with "Hyperloop". With his melodic flow and wavey cadence this is definitely a song you'll dance to, with a message that is relatable to many.

Next up we have A.Mackk with his single "Ride My Wave". In his words, Ride My Wave is "A song about people wanting to profit off of your success after they didn’t help you to get there."

With one of the highest scores given so far he recieved a 8/10, Mackk effortlessly spits continuous heat over this sampled beat! “Ride My Wave” is super relatable especially to other Independent Artists on the rise that have people trying to hang on for your clout. The hook is immediately catchy and easy to remember, which makes for a dope track all around!

Last but certainly not least we have LA ULTRA with his track "22+23". In his words, "My song is about a boy (me) remembering his past dues with his loved one , if he makes it he will remember there love story.

With a score of 5/10 , La ultras melodic vocals flow perfectly over this chill beat. This song reminds me of a late night just hanging out with a friend being reminiscent and proud of everything we’ve overcome.

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