Song Review: Tracy Lamont - Pray

Often when pressures consumes us in our daily lives, we face the possibility of crumbling under the weight of the world. However, Tracy Lamont weaves these obstacles in a song that represents his strengths well. In a well thought out, well written, and atmospheric track, Lamont carries along well with good production and feeling behind Pray.

This isn't to say I don't have my qualms with the track. There's a cry in the beginning that feels really distracting and comes off a little abrasive for my own tastes. The track also drags a little, with a bit of a slower tempo holding it back from some of the energy a song of this type would usually bring into the ring. However, these issues are very minor in what is otherwise a great track with a lot of heart, as well as good writing. The poetry in this song flows well and uses a lot of creative word play to capture a feeling of strength.

The imagery of prayer in the song really sets a mood for how thankful Lamont is for his surroundings. In a world that can be crushing, Lamont pushes for nothing but positivity to those around himself. Tapping into these feelings with solid writing decisions, Pray stands its ground as well done poetry amongst it's peers, delivering a regal message that shows Tracy's talents on the mic. His flow is also well managed through the whole track, with some complexity to the delivery. Something Lamont excels in on this track is having moments of dynamic rap, and moments of easy listening. It's not the catchiest flow I've heard as far as all of rap goes, but he certainly delivers enough to service both his writing and the production well. The complex emotions of the song aren't as well captured as they could be either, but again, luckily the writing helps alleviate some of that lacking. Overall, I'd give Pray a 7. It's good. There's personality in it, both with the voice and the ideas in the song, and because of this, some great emotional writing can thrive in what could've otherwise been a less than mediocre track. I think Tracy Lamont has a well developed sound that will continue to find it's graces on future songs, and this is only a taste of what he's capable of. SPOTIFY SONG LINK TO TRACY LAMONT'S PAGE

Thank you to all of our readers! #MuchLove Peace and Love, Rat King OUT!

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