Song Review: Super Saiyan Jay - Keep It Direct

This anthem Keep It Direct by Super Saiyan Jay is perfect for the gym or hooping. The beat is bound to get stuck in your head just like the simple but very catchy hook. The lyrics will pump you up and get you in the zone.

The lyricism and cadence displayed by Super Saiyan Jay with his release "Keep It Direct" at it's core is a song that will get you hype and out of your head if you are stuck in it! Super Saiyan Jay typically lets his inspiration come randomly after finding a beat he is rocking with and that's how we ended up with Keep It Direct.

Super Saiyan Jay exudes so much confidence when delivering his bars that it is hard to find much to critique when you first listen to it, especially if you are just enjoying music! That is a great thing; but if you listen to this track with a critics ear there are a couple of things that stand out in a negative light. The vocals don't move much dynamically and his inflection isn't too different with each bar laid out. The mix and arrangement could also be played around with a bit more but with that being said, we enjoyed "Keep It Direct" as a production and would listen again!

What is the "Keep It Direct" about?

"Keep It Direct is a catchy and carefree song. I'm just having a casual and bouncy flow throughout the song and at the same time I address some of the things going on in my day to day life. I'm just speaking from my point of view unapologetically."

What lyrics would you like to point out?

"I like just about every lyric on this song so it's hard for me to pick a specific lyric for attention but
if I had to pick I'd go with. "The people that know me are fickle. The people who show the realest.
My haters all in they feelings. Starting to feel like a menace." That highlights some of the things that I address in this song."

We encourage you to check out Super Saiyan Jay's track below and let us know what you think about it? Do you think we were way off on our review or pretty close to home? As you know, music is subjective and this is strictly our opinion. Let us know yours below!

Super Saiyan Jay Words of Gratitude:

I just wanna say thank you to each and every person that is listening to my song Keep It Direct. And I appreciate all the support coming in for this song. Come catch that vibe, put it in rotation and have a good time.

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