Song Review: Pretty Lit - Singularity

Pretty Lit -"Singularity"

Electronic Producer and DJ in the Austin area, Pretty Lit

Pretty Lit gave us more than just the perfect song for a video game or action film with his song Singularity but an experience that can happen wherever you are. It has a great build up with so many moving pieces yet doesn't feel cluttered. We could totally hear this in a fight scene of Mortal Kombat or maybe a racing scene in a movie. We definitely recommend adding this to your workout playlist to push you through your cardio or heavy lifting.

What inspired "Singularity"?

"I kept failing a Captcha and then got mad at the internet"

What is "Singularity" About?

"An AI taking over the world. I really just want people to head bang to it though because that’s what we would do if it happened. "

Typically in our reviews we showcase some of the good and some of the things that we believe could improve the overall production, but we think Pretty Lit knew exactly what he was doing in the making of "Singularity".

If you are having a bad day or just bored, we encourage you to check out the full track and comment below what you think about it! You can find more of Pretty Lit music below!

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