Song Review: Liam Canet Leiva - Yepeto

Liam Canet Leiva -"Yepeto"

Tired of writing songs about his ex girlfriend, Liam decided to begin writing about things that were new and uncomfortable for him to speak on. Adapting an Argentinian play titled "Yepeto", he took a shot at that exploration with a single titled the same.

Before hearing his adaptation of "Yepeto" we were unfamiliar with this play of a professor being in love with one of his students. He decided to write it from the point of view of the professor. His story telling and vocals put together with the production from Martin and backing vocals by Catalina Balladares made for a wonderful Billie Eilish and Finneas type treat to our ears!

What do you want the listeners to feel when they listen to Yepeto?

"The raw power of it"

Any specific lyrics you'd like to draw attention to?

"Lover is better lived in the mind Than in real life

I can’t help but fall in love

Creating wicked desires

Lesivous lute

I need, I crave to have "

We are unsure if the play "Yepeto" is available worldwide for consumption but the song created by Liam Canet Leiva will come as a close second when it comes to the experience! Check out "Yepeto" below.

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