Song Review: Jai Sterling - Oceans

This isn't the first time we've reviewed Jai's songs and hopefully it won't be the last, because this artist is always so on point with his tracks! "Oceans" is a smooth-like-butter track with synths and 80's style drums that really give off a retro-comeback vibe kind of like The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights."

Despite there being a lot going on instrumentally in the song including some sweet synth solos, Jai's voice is always the center of attention. The dynamics of his vocals work perfectly with the rest of the track, the mixing of it all was so well done!

Overall, the team had nothing but positives to say about "Oceans." We especially love Jai Sterling's silky vocals in this track, and highly recommend you have a listen yourself!

When asked what he wants listeners to feel when they hear "Oceans," Jai said "I want people to feel the music, whether it’s just beat or lyrics, feel it inside. This song goes beyond the typical love story, so I want people to feel it and take something from it to inspire them to create something more."

Q: What inspired "Oceans?"

A: The first thing that had popped into my mind when hearing the beat was the first line of the chorus. “Got your body in motion”, from there I knew I had to throw a twist on the typical love song trope. I knew I had to write something a bit deeper than all of my other songs. The main thing that inspired to write this particular song was my fiancé. I wanted to express and open myself up to her in a new way with this song.

Q: What is "Oceans" about?

A: Being honest, the song is about telling your partner how you’ll take it slow, move at a decent pace, overall just give them something different that they’re not used to feeling. To be blunt, it’s a love making song. It’s also about showing this one person that you love so much, and it can be whoever, how you can treat and love them all in one night.

What would you rate this song from 1-10? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're an indie musician too and want us to review your song, head to the submission page!

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