Song Review: drugs&flowers by Daron Reveur

Daron Reveur -"drugs&flowers" (8.10/10)

Alt/indie pop artist Daron Reveur sent us the perfect acoustic bop for this summer!

"drugs&flowers" is a light and airy song featuring mainly acoustic guitar and Daron's soothing singing voice. It has a familiar sound to it that we can't put our finger on, but it's comforting and nostalgic, like walking along the beach with your crush one summer day and then cuddling up to them around a fire when the sun goes down.

Overall we loved the vibe and sound of "drugs&flowers." Our main critique was that some of the vocals could use a bit of pitch correction, and near the end the added vocal layers start to compete with each other - some changes in the mix would fix that. However with that being said, we all agreed that the aforementioned things we critiqued were barely noticeable to us in comparison to the overall emotion and enjoyable energy of this song!

What inspired the song?

"I think my biggest inspiration for this track was the idea of cheering someone up by just sharing a blunt and vibing out. Sometimes there's not really gonna be words to comfort someone or even yourself no matter how much you wish you had them, and so I wanted to capture the idea of you and whoever just chilling out, with some more personal touch thrown into it."

What do you want the listeners to know or feel when they listen to your song?

"Relaxed, like the feeling of chilling in a car with your friends. The weather's nice and your windows are down and everything is kind of alright, something like that. Maybe a little melancholic if you're really listening to the lyrics."

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