Song Review #8 with Jonathan McField, Dom, and Sailem

What's up Ascendance Family! We have made it to our eighth song review. It feels like only yesterday we had our first song review. Check out these artists and let us know if we rated too high or too low! We would love to get your feedback in the comments, and I'm sure each of the following artists would as well! We appreciate you all!

Our first song review this week comes from artist Jonathan Mc Field.

With an overall score of 7, Jonathan McField’s track Let’s Go! Captures an 80s retro vibe with its funky synth and playful vocals. This song definitely makes you want to get up and dance, maybe watch some classic 80s movies. I had to check my calendar a few times to make sure I was still in 2021!

Next up we have Dom with his song "618." Available on SoundCloud. In Dom's own words "This was a song about my late grandmother who passed recently. She inspired me to chase my music dreams and was a cornerstone in my life"

With an overall score of 7, Dom is unafraid to be vulnerable in his track “6.18”. Dom perfectly captures the pain and hurt associated with the grieving process. The lyrics are relatable and paint a vivid picture for anyone who has ever lost someone. I encourage you to listen to this song with reminiscent ears and with the expectation of allowing yourself to be filled with beloved images and memories of those passed.

Last, but certainly not least we have Sailem with their track "Backseat," which you can find on Spotify. In their own words "this is a grungy, alternative pop anthem about having intimate times in the backseat of a hearse! The video channels Joan Jett & Taylor Momsen while adding originality from the non-binary presentation of Sailem."

"Backseat" got an overall score of 6. Sailem isn't afraid to get a little sexy, a little aggressive, and a whole lotta rock, Saliem delivered a track that will have you reminiscing Joan Jett’s sound while also finding yourself hypnotized by their originality.

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