Song Review #7 with Langhorne Clemens, Tyler Martell, & Toxin.

What's up Ascendance Family! This our seventh song review can you believe it? Check out these artists and let us know if we rated too high or too low! We would love to get your feedback in the comments, and im sure each of the following artists would as well! We appreciate you all!

Our first song review this week comes from artist Langhorne Clemens.

With an overall score of 7, Langhorne Clemens spits a melodic rap over a self produced oriental/trap beat! It’s the perfect song to send to anyone that you want to cut off. His cadence rides so perfectly over this beat it’ll make you want to add it to one of your playlists!

Next up we have an unreleased track named Rotation by Toxin ft. FreekVanWorkum. In Toxins own words "Rotation is a song that seems to be just like the rest of what you hear today, someone talking about money they don’t have. But it’s more then that. Rotation, is a song that’s really just about having fun. From the energetic beat, the danceable hook, and with verses that are more about having fun with words then anything else. This track is perfect for house parties, long or short road trips, or just everyday enjoyment."

With an overall score of 5, Between FreekVanWorkum’s catchy hook and Toxin’s memorable adlibs, Rotation is a dope party track. Though it’s unreleased for now, we have no doubt when it does drop that others will love it too!

Last but not least we have Tyler Martell with his song "Words written in pen". In his own words "The song is me getting off feelings I probably haven’t expressed out loud before so it leans towards hip hop/rap"

Coming in hot with Words Written in Pen, Tyler Martell speaks about his new track saying, “The song is me getting off feelings I probably haven’t express[ed] out loud before.” With his 90’s boom bap beat and personal flows his new track earned a 7average amongst our reviewers. He delivers cool vibes that we found worthy of our personal playlists. Tyler feels like he’s ready to be on the radio and we’re excited to watch his journey as he gets there. Until then, he’s on our playlists and hopefully, on your watch list. Keep grinding Tyler! We’ll be behind you the whole way.

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