Song Review #5 with Jimmy Two Shoes, RXPHY, & Mosheh Taffe

As an Independent Artist, it is important to give and recieve feedback in hopes of improving quality and knowing where you stand in the music industry spectrum without bias. Each song we reviewed this week is different then the next but would flow smoothly being played one after the other.

Up First With his new release "Trenches", We have Jimmy Two Shoes. This song is about how he overcomes obstacles and refuses to give up.

With an overall score of 6, Jimmy Two Shoes spits some dope lyrics about overcoming obstacles and letting nothing stop him from achieving his goals. Topics and situations mentioned are sure to be relateable to many!

Next Up we have RXPHY with his single "She Broke, Im Up" This song is about RXPHY acknowledging the fact that never gets chosen to be the boyfriend but is always reached out to once the girls break up with their boyfriends.

With an overall score of, 5.6, Rxphy has an immediate party anthem on his hands with this single. The lyrics are fun, relateable, and most importantly catchy!

Last but not least we have Mosheh Taffe with his latest release "Watch Me Kill It". He descibes this song as a Lively summer song with an island vibe. Slight gothic twist with lyrics.

With an overall score of 4.6, Mosheh Taffe has a chill but vibey song on his hands with this song. The melody of the hook is instantly catchy, dont believe us? Listen BELOW!

We appreciate each of the artists for trusting us to review their songs without bias. We also appreciate the family for checking them out and dropping your feedback in the comments below!

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