Song Review #4 with Casey Vanitas, Zane, and G.Woods

As an Independent Artist, it is important to give and recieve feedback in hopes of improving quality and knowing where you stand in the music industry spectrum without bias. Each song we reviewed this week is different then the next but would flow smoothly being played one after the other.

First we have Casey Vanitas with his single "No Heart X"

With an overall score of 8, Casey Vanitas blessed us with his track No Heart X. Casey’s vocals almost sound soulless as he raps melodically over the beautiful melodies provided within the beat. This track almost feels like I’m watching Demon Slayer and one of the villains is rapping over a dark melodic beat.

Next we have Zane with his emotional lyrics on his track ,fly away

With an overall score of 6, Zane spits some heart tugging lyrics with a melodic tone over a simplistic but beautiful beat. The vibe is perfect for late night drives alone riding with the windows down. ,fly away is sweet and just short enough to make you want to replay the track a few times back to back.

Lastly, but certainly not least we have G.Woods with his quality song and music video outdated.

With an overall score of 8, G.Woods came through with a hot music video, dope beat, fire feature and a message that anyone can vibe and relate to. OUTDATED is a true ode to those grinding day in and day out with intentions of making dreams a reality all while blocking out the haters.

Reminder: it’s 2021, trolls, haters, and negativity are a thing of the past for these artists!

Check Out these full songs on our Ascendance Family Playlist and let us know what you think about these awesome artists.

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