Song Review #3 With Jaddai, Hana Canhasi, and Jameszzyboi

As Independent Artist, it is sometimes hard to get your music heard and get corrective feedback. Here at Ascendance we focus on doing both. Below are three song reviews critiqued by us. Comment Below and let us know how we did on our ratings! Keep in mind that each artistoihyiy rates themselves on a scale from 1-10, 10 being industry quality, and we take that into consideration when we do our reviews. Each song that we review is put on an exlusive Ascendance playlist for the Ascendance family to listen to, as well as give you the opportunity to listen to each track and rate them according to your likeness.

First Up we have Jaddai with his single "MXDE IT OUT"

With an overall score of 5, Jaddai brings a powerful message while he gets his praise on over an agressive beat. The track is full of high energy and positive lyrics as Jaddai gives his testimony of how God helped him make it out.

Next Up we have Jameszzyboi with his track "Turn Me Up".

With an overall score of 6, Jameszzyboi pulled up on the track with a fire beat. His flow was solid and meshed nicely with Jae Trxpp who both pulled through with conviciton in their voices.

Last but certainly not least, we have Hana Canhasi with her single "With You"

With an overall score of 9, we were pleasantly surprised at Hana's overrall production. Beyond the beautifully layered harmonies over a nostalgic 90s beat, the lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of a love story in it's beginning stages. "With You" is radio ready and will get stuck in your head. That is a guarantee.

Thanks for reading! We Encourage you to check out the Ascendance Family Playlist, and give each of these artists a chance to become your new favorite artist!

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