Song Review #2 With Envy Elvy, Lucky the Artist & Corri

As Independent Artist, it is sometimes hard to get your music heard and get corrective feedback. Here at Ascendance we focus on doing both. Below are three song reviews critiqued by us. Comment Below and let us know how we did on our ratings! Keep in mind that each artist rates themselves on a scale from 1-10, 10 being industry quality, and we take that into consideration when we do our reviews. Each song that we review is put on an exlusive Ascendance playlist for the Ascendance family to listen to, and to give you the opportunity to listen to each track and rate them according to your likeness.

First up we have, Lucky the Artist with his single "Bloodstone".

With an overrall score of 6, Lucky the Artist displays multiple flow switches across multiple verses. Bloodstone has a cathcy hook that is easy to remember and fun to quote.

Up Next we have Corri with his song "Fairy Flow!" from his album "Amethyst"

With an overall score of 8.25, Corri quickly shows his diversity and witty lyricism on this track. His in your face punch lines hit just as hard as the beat. Fairy Flow show cases one dimension of all the layers that Corri has to offer and we are vibing with it.

Last, but not least we have Envy Elvy Ft. King Kami in their song "Overtime"

With an overall score of 8.5, Envy Elvy and King Kami bless this beat with their well toned vocals and relateable lyrics. The message of the song clearly paints a picture through the lens of both artists allowing listeners to hear how much work they both are willing to put in to reach their goals.

Thanks for reading! We Encourage you to check out the Ascendance Family Playlist, and give each of these artists a chance to become your new favorite artist!

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