Song Review #2.3- PM MUSIC & Flowed Ted - Part 1

As independent musicians ourselves, we know how important helpful feedback and support is. That's why we give each song a thorough review based on what they said their skill level was, as well as our opinion of the beat, cadence, lyrics, and replay value. Take a listen to these two artists and let us know what you would've rated them!

PM MUSIC- Rush (6.5)

Rush from PM MUSIC's debut album is a heart wrenching, put you in your feels, emotion evoking song. The pain is evident in his voice and will have anyone reminiscing lost love and the heartache that came with it.

What inspired the song?

It was originally just a song I started writing about a girl I was in love with and then she left my life out of no where. It really broke my heart. I began and finished the song the same day.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

I want you to feel the love that I hold in this song. I want you to feel the pain that is in my heart. I want you to relate to my experience that I'm sharing with you.

Critiques: PM MUSIC really knows how to tug at your heart strings with their song Rush. Their sound was good and the beat was perfect for the song. The only way this song could've been better is if the mix was tighter. This song is easily Ascendance approved!

Flowed Ted- Mi Amor (6.45)

Flowed Ted had us vibing with his love song Mi Amor. This one of those songs you put on blast when you're driving over to your lover's place. Get in the happy groove with this little ditty.

What inspired the song?

A girl who I have a deep relationship with and how she makes me feel.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

I want them to feel happy.

Critiques: Flowed Ted isn't new to our reviews and can say we did hear improvement with this track. We enjoyed the smooth beat and loved the creativity in the reverse breakdown but feel a better mix would really improve this track. Either way, Ascendance approves this song!

We encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!

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