Song Review #2.1: Tankyman, Siyaaa, Ro$e Gold- Part 2

Kicking off 2022, we bring you three very talented musicians! As independent musicians ourselves, we know how important helpful feedback and support is, so we give each song a thorough review based on what they said their skill level was, and our opinion of the beat, cadence, lyrics, and replay value. Take a listen to these three artists and let us know what you would've rated them!

Tankyman- Boyfriend Promotion (8.38)

Boyfriend Promotion is a sweet little vibe that would make any girl weak in the knees. Tankyman certainly had us swooning and vibing with his velvety flow and cute lyrics. Guys take notes, ladies hold on to these type of guys!

What is the song about?

The feeling of a person expressing love to a person. Moving from friend to boyfriend, from boyfriend to more

What would you like listeners to feel when listening to "Boyfriend Promotion"?

This is the song that you ask a person out to.

Critiques: This track is a whole mood. The vocals were simple yet catchy. We felt the second verse wasn't as ear grabbing as the first, but we still greatly enjoyed the track. Overall, well done and Ascendance approved!

Siyaaa- Now or Never (8.35)

Siyaaa and DeCC came through with the silky smooth vocals and all the feels with this chill vibe. Now or Never is one of those songs you play on full blast while on a late night drive reminiscing old flames.

What inspired the song?

I originally wrote Now or Never about a guy I was talking to. He always said he wanted to be with me but his actions proved otherwise. The lyrics in now or never sort up set up an ultimatum saying that if you want me, it’s Now or Never.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

If you’re in a relationship or situationship where the other person doesn’t a 100 percent, the best thing you can do for yourself is leave. You’re worth more then someone giving you half of what you deserve.

Critiques: It was incredibly hard for us to find any flaws in this track. The vocals were stunning, the mix was high quality and lyrics were terribly relatable. Very well done, Ascendance approves this track!

Ro$e Gold- Mi$under$tood (7.66)

Ro$e Gold came spitting on that old school boombap track and gave us a heavy message. Touching on subjects like suicidal thoughts while inviting us into his childhood memories, he really gave us insight into his mind with Mi$under$Tood.

What inspired the song?

This song is very close to my heart. I wrote this about being misunderstood. About all the struggles I’ve faced in life and while becoming a musician. I poured all the lows in life that some don’t talk about into this song so others can feel that they aren’t alone in feeling this way and overcoming all the adversities life throws at you.

Critiques: The vibe of this song is contagious with an incredibly relatable message. With a flow like his the only thing that could've really made a difference is a better mix. Overall, we felt this track and respect the lyrics.

We encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!

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