Song Review #16 With Melle, Dutch Diggler, & Cruz - Part 2

This week we had the great pleasure to review six diverse artists in different levels of the spectrum. Each week our ratings are based upon whatever level the artist claims to be and the three here have the highest scores of week #16. All of our critiques are strictly our opinion and we hope that they give each artist some base of where they can improve or how well they are doing for where they are in their journey!

Melle - Wrong Time

Melle gave us all the feels with this relatable bop Wrong Time. The lyrics will play with your emotions and have you reminiscing about the one that got away because it was the right one, but the wrong time. You have to mentally prepare your heart before pressing play, but one listen will have you vibing out to this one on repeat.

Melle begins most of her songs as freestyles and Wrong Time was no different. While making this song she felt "stuck" thinking of the people who she no longer associates with and how the process of completley dissociating herself was a difficult task.

The song discusses the difficulties of falling in love with someone who is bad for you but you can't detach yourself from them similar to a bad habit you are trying to rid of but can't

Melle wants listeners to feel understood in their journey of letting someone go but also still having fun while they listen.

My favorite line is “Two can play that game and trust me, I’ll win - Gotta have it, no pun but I’m Spike Lee”

Melle takes the well deserved highest score of Week #16 with an overall score of 8.66.

Dutch Diggler - GMC ( 8.54 / 10 )

Dutch Diggler serves up bars in his song Gimmie My Check from his album FDK. Impeccable lyrical timing over a tasty beat will have you playing this track on repeat. The fact that he mixed this himself so well and dropped fire bars, but feels he is a 5/10 on the artist level is refreshing.

He perfectly describes this track as :

Bar heavy. A statement for people who like punchlines


This is professional level for real. Amazing cadence, sick beat - Jessica Jan

Cruz - Mercy ( 7.95 / 10 )

Cruz started the track spitting straight fire. His flow will have you bobbing your head while the beat plays with your feelings. If you need a jam with heavy bars to hype you up, this is the perfect way to start your workout.

Hearing this boom bap beat, Cruz was immediately inspired to start writing and testing his lyrical limits. After sitting on the lyrics "I'm a Zulu mixed with Mayan feelin kinda violent this tha time to riot" for awhile, he began rapping it to this beat and knew he wanted to continue further. When writing at first, Cruz didn't have a particular message behind the song but as he kept writing it eventually turned into "Yo I can really do this rapping thing and I want to show people".

Any specific lyrics want to bring attention to?

"not your favorite rapper so I don't do wut yo idol do this that type of shit that's unbitable but recitable"... I want people to know I'm not their favorite rapper/artist/idol imma do things my way and stay true to who I am not conform or sell out to make someone happy and you can't copy but me but my lyrics will be something someone will quote or at least I hope it will be one day.

What do you want the listeners to know or feel while listening to Mercy?

I want people to feel like "man this is hip hop" when listening to this song and also to be like "if this how he coming right now...imagine how he coming when he peaks"


The biggest critique we can think of would be a bit better mix, other than that we love the beat, it's sick. Timing and cadence are impeccable it just goes hard what else to say!

Overall we encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!