Song Review #16 With BL Baby, 1Litre, Smokebox Kid - Part 1

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This week we had the great pleasure to review four diverse artists in different levels of the spectrum. Each week our ratings are based upon whatever level the artist claims to be. All of our critiques are strictly our opinion and hope that they give each artist some base of where they can improve or how well they are doing for where they are in their journey!

BL Baby - Money OMM

Money OMM is a track with a hype beat that will have you dancing. With a catchy hook and BL Baby’s soothing voice, you’ll be adding Money OMM to your playlists and it’s bound to be stuck in your head all day.

After selling his first exclusive beat, BL Baby gained confidence and validation that he was moving in the right direction. Within the confident mindset of chasing his dreams, he laid out his vocals to the melody and later added the bumping drums to create Money OMM.

I had a friend pass away a couple months ago and thats why I said "rip to all my brothers this sh** never be the same". I wanted to make a song about going hard for him and others who have passed away and to always remember to never give up on your goals.

Contrary to the title, this track isn't exclusive to getting money. The overall message is to continue to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals. For him his biggest goal is to become a successful musican and be able to give back to his community.

"rip to all my brothers this sh** never be the same". This was a very personal set of lyrics because I'm talking about my friend who passed away as well as friends that I no longer associate with.

BL Baby wants the listeners to understand that they can accomplish their goals no matter what they aspire to attain. We here at Ascendance can say that the goal he has for this song has been reached and we are ready to make some money and reach our goals everytime we listen to it! He takes the highest score of the three with an overall score of 7.58.

1Litre - Cea$ar (7.1 / 10)

Caesar may not have been performing in English, but he understood the assignment. From the groovy beat to his smooth and catchy vocals, everyone will be up on the dance floor when this hit comes on.

An amapiano song talking about my life as an artist and some of the things we go through but also mentioning my dreams and ambitions.

By most of us being english speakers we can only judge Cea$ar based on production of the beat and vocals. We get all vibes from this and cant wait to here more from 1Litre!

Smokebox Kid - What's Wrong with Me? (6.70 / 10)

Smokebox Kid has a unique and instantly recognizable sound with his pitched-up singing vocals in this track. What’s Wrong With Me featuring Oliver Comvalius’ buttery vocals is an up-tempo bop with a soft acoustic guitar that adds up to an emotional track that you can’t help but bob your head to.

Being inspired by The Kid Laroi, Smokebox Kid wanted to make a song similar to his. The song is focused around a break up with a girl that he cared about deeply.

The lyrics I'd like to pin point and explain would be "it's just another day to you baby girl tell me what to do" alot of people don't value others anymore. Divorce breakups have become a regular thing. I wish people would work through their differences more and try to work together rather then just throw everything away so easily.

We could not agree more with the above sentiment! Smokebox Kid expresses that he understands that everyone is dealing with their own personal demons which they do not know how to or just don't express. He hopes that this song will be a tool in helping them cope.


The feature on the vocals are super smooth but the higher pitched vocals with the distortion and autotune threw it off just a bit.

Overall we encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!

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