Song Review #15 with NULLUS, FTELaust,Carr Parker & Super Ty.

This week we had the great pleasure to review four diverse artists in different levels of the spectrum. Each week our ratings are based upon whatever level the artist claims to be.


Nullus brings a dark tone over a seriously dope beat by Stoic Beats. Although his energy is super chill, the lyrics alone might just get you hype. This song is perfect for a smoke sesh with the friends.

One of his friends used this beat and Nullus decided it was time to start releasing music again and wanted to make the track better than his friend did. The song is about Nullus in general and he would really like for listeners to vibe with and feel what he is saying.

As an artist, Nullus rated himself as a 7 / 10. With that being taken into consideration his overall rating of "Five Stars" is a 5.72.

FTELaust - Your Love Is A Drug

FTELaust gives us an almost nostaglic vibe with "Your Love Is A Drug". His mix and delivery are solid and make the listening experience pretty enjoyable. This song is perfect for lovers to sing to their significant others.

On a shroom trip, Laust began thinking about a female who helped dig him out of the darkness he was experiencing and was inspired to write "Your Love is A Drug". He wanted to write something that was relateable to many people and we believe he nailed it.

When people listen to his single he would like for them to think of their significant other and how much you love them !

As an artist, FTELaust rated himself a 6 / 10. With that being taken into consideration his overall rating of "Your love is a drug" is a 7.72.

Carr Parker - Depends on the topic (HOW ARE YOU)

It was intended to be kind of a “back to school, but fuck school” type of song, we dropped it on the first day of school in East Texas.

Carr Parkers song "Depends on the topic (HOW ARE YOU)" not only has an intriguing and unique title but the song is very different from the style many indie artists are going for right now.

As artists, Carr Parker rated themselves a 7 / 10. With that being taken into consideration their overall rating of "Depends on the topic (HOW ARE YOU)" is a 7.72.

SUPER TY. - Monica

Super Ty, not only recieved the highest score this week but he also offers us an awesome change of pace this week with his Friends inspired single "Monica". Although Super Ty wouldn't have considered himself a fan of Friends, he made this song as a way of commemorating a long term friendship with one of his friends who loves the sitcom. The lyrics are centered around "Monica Geller" and the idea of a fantasy where she leaves her significant other for the super fan observer.

I wanted the lyrics to feel like delusions of grandeur in a way, feelings like love and obsession like the song is from the perspective of someone who believes fully in this fantasy scenario.

When asked what lyrics he'd like to draw attention to he stated:

I’d like to draw attention to the lyrics in the chorus “babygirl I love you so much that it hurts” I feel like those lyrics really drive home the crazyness of the song. And the lyrics of the bridge “Whatever you need, I’ll be there for you” also I feel like it drives home the whole fantasy but it’s also a reference to the shows theme song and I feel it’s something beautiful to sing along to and scream in the face of someone the listener really cares deeply about.

Super Ty wants people to vibe and have fun when listening to Monica, and we for one believe that is a totally reasonable request.

As an artist, Super Ty rated himself a 7 / 10. With that being taken into consideration his overall rating for "Monica" is a 8.38.

We hope you've enjoyed Week #15 of Song Reviews just as much as we have and encourage you to check out our Ascendance Family Playlist or click the link attached to each song title to hear each of these awesome and diverse songs.