Song Review #10 with Gwalla, Sad Tails & David Jones!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

What's up Ascendance Family! We just completed our ninth song review. It feels like only yesterday we had our first song review. Check out these artists and let us know if we rated too high or too low! We would love to get your feedback in the comments, and I'm sure each of the following artists would as well! We appreciate y'all!

Our first song review this week comes from artist Gwalla with his spotify exclusive, "Long Fight." Gwalla gave us an emotional track and a message he spoke with conviction. Religious or not, spiritual or not, his song will open your ears and heart.

With an overall score of 5, Gwalla's track Long Fight will have you really thinking about your current journey in life.

Next up we have Sad Tails with his song "Yeah Yeah." Sad Tails let his pain and heartache really shine on this melodic rap track. He gave us a song relatable for anyone who's ever been hurt in the past.

With an overall score of 5, Sad Tails gave us a calm vibe that'll be stuck in your head for days to come. This one is perfect for your next late night drive.

Last, but certainly not least we have Davide Jones featuring Rossman40 with his track "Blak Sheep," which you can find on all streaming platforms.

David Jones came through for all the people who feel like outcasts with his track Blak Sheep. With a clean mix, fire beat, and dope feature this song couldn'tmiss.

"Blak Sheep" got an overall score of 7. David Jones isn't afraid to keep it real and keeps it relatable.

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