Song Review #1 With Roque the KickItMastah, Jai Sterling & Charles Enek

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

As Independent Artist, it is sometimes hard to get your music heard and get corrective feedback. Here at Ascendance we focus on doing both. Below are three song reviews critiqued by us. Comment Below and let us know how we did on our ratings! Keep in mind that each artistoihyiy rates themselves on a scale from 1-10, 10 being industry quality, and we take that into consideration when we do our reviews. Each song that we review is put on an exlusive Ascendance playlist for the Ascendance family to listen to, as well as give you the opportunity to listen to each track and rate them according to your likeness.

First up we have, Roque the Kickitmastah & LOUD! The Artifact with their colloboration "Vice Versa".

With an overrall score of 8.5, Roque TheKickItMastah and LOUD! The Artifact easily spit verses over a classic beat. The lyrics and cadence of the two artists weave together perfectly to produce a dope track that will make your head bop.

Up next, we have Jai Sterling Featuring TPC JRACO & Trillbert with "Move It"

With an overrall score of 7.9, Jai Sterlings new single has the potential to make you want to get dancing almost immediately. The back and forth vocals and features from Trillbert & TPC JRACO add another element that keep the song exciting for the full duration.

Last but not least for this week of song reviews we have Charles Enek Ft. BECKLEY in "All Night"

With an overrall score of 6.6, Charles has a catchy and emotional chorus that is amplified even more once you listen to the storytelling laid out by Charles. The storytelling paints vivid imagery for listeners.

Thanks for reading! We Encourage you to check out the Ascendance Family Playlist, and give each of these artists a chance to become your new favorite artist!

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