Song Review #2.1: Thecharm, JU$$ RANDY, Flowed Ted- Part 1

Kicking off 2022, we bring you three very talented musicians! As independent musicians ourselves, we know how important helpful feedback and support is, so we give each song a thorough review based on what they said their skill level was, and our opinion of the beat, cadence, lyrics, and replay value. Take a listen to these three artists and let us know what you would've rated them!

TheCharm- Love Meh (7.61)

Be ready to feel the love when you hit play on Love Meh by TheCharm. A beat with a slow, romantic hip hop feel paired with TheCharm’s calm yet bar heavy verses make for a track you want to add to your date night playlist.

What is the message you want to share with this song?

I destroyed myself physically, spiritually, mentally, and grew more vices that enticed me to mess with or mess over other women because of my ex and my baby mama. I had to look in the mirror and renew myself by loving myself and putting myself first. I'm the prize now and I'm not going back because this isn’t even my final form.

What would you like listeners to feel when listening to "Up to something"?

Critiques: We really enjoyed the beat along with the message from this song. We felt the singing vocals and general mix could have been better. Overall, Ascendance approves this track!

JU$$ RANDY- Black Man (6.68)

Ju$$ Randy takes the pain and injustice he’s seen and experienced as a black man in America and turns it into fuel for a badass track with a hard beat and a deep message that despite the discrimination you face, you control your own narrative.

What inspired the song?

The Black Lives Matter experience and death of my best friends father Patrick Warren who was killed during a mental health call.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

The feeling of being proud of who they are and to never forget that you’re special despite any challenges or obstacles.

Critiques: The beat was perfect for the style of song and the tone of the track is catchy. With a better mix this track would really pop! Overall, it has a solid concept and greatly appreciated message.

Flowed Ted- Midnight Convos (4.86)

A short angsty track about a girl who did him wrong, Midnight Convos really is like a conversation happening inside Flowed Ted’s head.

What inspired the song?

Getting hurt by the person i trusted the most.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

It was about a girl who played with my emotions and was really just a messed up person.

Critiques: The beat is a bop and the emotion is evident. The vocals weren't easily understandable due to a muddy mix which is an easy fix! Overall, Flowed Ted gave us a track that has incredible potential.

We encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!

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