Project Transformation Album Review - TheCharm

With his latest album Project Transformation, TheCharm takes us on a journey from battling vices to the point of self decay to the transformation of self revealing a new being of growth all in under 40 minutes. Throughout the album TheCharm continously displays his extensive vocabulary, powerful messages, jaw dropping flows and smooth vocals over beats that seem as if they were made specifically for him.

"Instead of projecting my vices, I face my vices allowing myself to be transformed from my own self destruction through self evaluation."

Project Transformation takes us through three stages of growth; Projection, Sunset and Transforming.

"This isn't even my final form"


From the beginning you can hear all my vices through songs that make you turn up, dance, or prideful through the first 5 tracks, PROJECTION.


In His words: "this track is simply what it is… GONE. i was GONE in the mind due to losing a kid to abortion. i actually wrote this piece back in 2020 right after the incident. it was inspired by my rage. a lot of people never knew i could get mad or cause destruction. when i felt i lost something very important to me, i went off. the other side was stating that i “wasn’t really like that” and that i “wouldn’t hurt anybody” though the situation caused for every bit of rage. they tried to play me because im a “nice guy” and a “stand up guy”. just another track to show you my balance of both good and EVIL. so how the hell you want it to go?"

In Our Words: Gone is the perfect song to start off this album, with a catchy back and forth after the hook, this track breaks the norm of a typical song structure in a way that makes you want to keep listening for what's to come. TheCharm uses this song to let people know not to mess with him or his family because that is his main focus. The song is a little over 3 minutes but it is so fluid and so easy to listen to that it feels like way less.


In His words: "This track is inspired by my big brother who is currently locked up. im my brother’s keeper so i had to make sure his name is made known with mine and prevalent inside my music. while project transformation shows you my path to mental and spiritual freedom, this track expresses my freedom with hopes of my brother’s PHYSICAL freedom. free my big brother duke. i also included the sample at the end to represent family. that was my family at the end and my big brother had ties to everyone in the video/sample."

In Our Words: #Freeduke starts off with a fast flow that instantly makes you do the stank face due to his vocabulary, lyricism and cadence. His music video below is done super well by Fatboy Familia. The visual adds a layer to #Freeduke that helps push his narrative of who TheCharm is an artist and person but also with the video at the very end that allows you to see what you can only hear when listening to the track.


In His words: "You heard the story in the book of Joshua right? this is my own little spin off it. After waiting patiently for life to come back around full circle, I was ready to embark on destruction to all liars, cheaters, and backstabbers that aided in ridding my child from me. In the Holy book, the Israelites took blood as jewels/money owed to them from their enemies killing them for no reason as the Israelites represented the CHOSEN of God. I had to take back my life/my money/my spirit from my enemies that took blood away from me. I will tear down walls and even ceilings to do so. My feature, G-Ku Tsuna has gone through trials similar with his own enemies. He wanted his shit back just as i did. we’re two members of the akatsuki clan, put together and branded by G-Ku Tsuna. me and my homies tryna get some money, and we want it from our enemies."

In Our Words: Jericho is placed perfectly in this album with the completely diverse delivery between TheCharm and featured artist G-Ku Tsuna this track offers a change of pace and a premonition as to what's to come. The message "Spare none and take everything" is very clear.

The Setup

In His words: "In my last project, i tried to display how life is all circles and sequels. though with this track, i wanted to show you the sequels that’s beyond our control, but also the circles that are in our control, duality. though im projecting at the system for its unfairness, ive also been unfair to myself. sometimes we’re unfair to ourselves even when we know better and were taught better. henceforth, the line “the wrong choices and decisions but understood the assignment/only replicate the system by repeating the cycle.” the system taught us how to cheat ourselves and become conditioned. once you learn that, you must decondition yourself , and no one will help you do so but you. LIFE."

In Our Words: If you weren't already impressed with the vocal delivery, cadence or lyrics of TheCharm, The Setup will be the song that wakes you up. TheCharm brings a in your face flow with a message so profound you will want to keep this one of repeat for an hour or so. "Only replicate the system by repeating the cycle"


In His words: "I needed a vibe for the women as always. i asked BZK to send me a hook with vibes that match Miss BADU and Sza. he delivered! he also made the beat as well. i combined that with my flow and wisdom. the track is made to uplift you and get you to dance and vibe. i really had Sza in mind when delivering my verse because this is how I’d approach her fine ass if given the chance. it’s just ‘something’ bout her."

In Our Words: Something is the type of song you would want to sing to your girl or have sung to you. The raspy vocals of featured artist Bzk blend so well with TheCharm that this song is guaranteed to make you swoon. TheCharm dives into a completley different direction then previous tracks with a song full of poetry talking about a beautiful queen, maybe Sza?


Track 6 is me settling on the horizon(hence the sunset interlude with emphasis on SUNSET)