Overthinking with Javii

Joel Javier Zorrilla "Javii", is a 29 year old Genre Fluid Artist from Miami. Growing up he learned piano at a young age, very soon after he began learning guitar and cello. As traumatic events began happening in his life, Javii realized that making music was a great way to not only cope but to also help him process.

The quickest way to not block your own blessings is to just do something that makes you uncomfortable.
- Javii

Where do you think your Inner Critique Comes From?

"I mean i'm sure it comes from alot of places, but its hard to give like one specific answer. I try not to let it get in the way though. It helps having really supportive friends and family when they tell me songs are actually good and that they belong out in the world and not in the vault."

What Would you say is your life Motto?

"Even if it makes you uncomfortable, do it. I've spent way too much time being uncomfortable about something and choosing not to do it and missing out on so many opportunities. The quickest way to not block your own blessings is to just do something that makes you uncomfortable."

What Song Is Your Favorite you have Released So Far?

"Ah, tough to say. They are like my little babies. I think off this last album I just released I think the song Overthinking is probably my favorite. It's my favorite because it's something that I struggle with, like overthinking about my decisions and the things I do. For that reason lyrically that song meant alot to me, but vocally I did some things that I haven't really done. The rest of the album kind of follow suite."

What Would You Say To An Upcoming Artist?

"Maybe this is After School Special I dont know but like I'd say don't give up just keep pushing forward. Every time you find an obstacle, whether its one the world gives you one or one you give it to yourself, just push past it and keep it moving."

Although much of Javii's music is based off his life and the good or bad emotions he is given from life events, he is now looking into more storytelling music writing from the perspective of someone else. With over 90 songs in his vault, be on the lookout for much more of Javii! Check out the full interview below and please do check out his music, It'll get you in a chill vibe for sure!

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