Not Just Another Rapper with A.mackk

A.mackk is an Independent Artist from Killen, Texas although he now resides in Orlando, Florida. He recently graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration though music has always been a central focus of his life. Learning saxophone at an early age, to joining the steel drum band and learning piano led him to the microphone.

A.mackk tells a bit behind his latest single "Ride My Wave". He heard the beat on Youtube and knew he had to purchase it. Alot of the inspiration and context of this song is based off his brand/line Collateral Success with his motto being "CS gang we dont bang, we just share the fame". With that motto he felt alot of people misconstrue the message and wanted to hop on what he was doing without putting in any work. He doesn't want anyone eating off his plate when he is doing all the cooking!

The Collateral Success line is in the works right now so be sure to be on the lookout for it!

I don't want the fame, I just want to be relatebale


Who would you say is biggest musical influence?

"I always kind of go off of my top 5. Big Krit, J.Cole, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Logic and either Jack Harlow or Jaden Smith. Big Krit is one of my all time favorites, he is so underrated. Everything he does gives me the energy and passion that I want to put into my music. Evertime I get chills thinking this is exactly the type of artist that I want to be, someone who is diverse but still makes hits"

Would you consider yourself a rapper or an artist?

"It's such a difference being a rapper than an artist. I feel like alot of rappers just want it for the fame, money, or whatever their reason may be. As an artist you really just care about the production and personality. You put yourself into your music and hope that your fans relate to that. That's were you get alot of that motivation and growth. You do it so people can feel how you feel. I always make sure to distinguish the difference when asked, I tell them I'm an artist."

Who is your target audience?

"My audience really depends on the beat. I'm really a consious rapper, but you kind of have to be diverse. It really depends on whatever direction I want to take the song. I truly go off of the beat and whatever audience the beat leads me to believe will like the sound, I aim to be my audience."

Who is your dream collab?

"I'd say either Big Krit, Jaden or J.Cole. The one I would most like to collab with is J.cole because I relates to him so much. I really like his delivery and consistency in always trying to better himself as an artist and not taking the bare minimum as being okay."

In the beginning of his musical career, A.mackk had a simple goal of just wanting to sound good. Currently his goal is to not have the fame but be relatable to his fans. Even as a new upcoming artist, A.mackk has a variety of music that is both timeless and suitable to different audiences. We encourage you to check out his socials, his music, and his full interview below. Comment Below and let us know what you think? How would you answer the questions differently?

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