Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with this fire spitting koMODO dragon, Modo. Born and raised in Kansas City, this Chiefs loving rapper is more than meets the eye. Though komodo dragons are facing extinction, this independent rapper is blazing fires every time he spits on the beat, keeping their presence very much known! While his journey hasn't been sunshine and rainbows, he is still on a mission to provide a better life for himself and his loved ones and never forgetting where his roots are. For him music is life and he intends to make a difference through his lyrics.

"I don't believe there's a true no to anything."

Why did you choose MODO as your artist name?

"It was a nickname given to me in high school as a joke because I they said I spit fire like a komodo dragon. Then I fought MMA for a few years and I kept the nickname there too. Then when I really started pursuing music I shortened it to Modo."

What Inspired The Cover Art For "More Than Modo"?

"I just wanted to do something to shock people but also show the vulnerability of the music. The house in the photo was my childhood home."

What Does Your Future Look Like For Modo In 1, 5, 10 Years?

"1 year: becoming financially stable from music.

5 years: national tours

10 years: retired, giving back to my community and others, letting my money work for me."

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

"That I was able to showcase my life in a way that others were able to relate to."

Modo isn't the type to sit around and wait on opportunity, he's out creating his own. He is performing and ensuring that shows aren't more than 21 days apart and even recently added a live drummer to his set. He is staying performance ready, balancing a personal life while pursuing his dreams and also creating constant content that is available on all streaming platforms with so much more to come, and we the Ascendance family are excited to check out.

Part 2 to his interview in video and audio format will be available BELOW!

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