Melaya's Music for the Soul

Melaya, LA based Pop/Hip Hop Singer-Songwriter, is a woman of many talents with a mindset like no other. Though her catalogue currently sits at 18 released songs, she is no newcomer to this industry. Her influence is contagious and spreading like a wildfire. Between her smile, positivity and vibes she'll hook you like you a fish using lyrics as her bait.

She's embracing her feelings and using them to relate to anyone listening. Don't be fooled by the shy smile, Melaya is also the Queen of Swag.

Q: What Got You Into Music?

"I started doing music at early age because my brother did music. He rapped a lot and had a home studio. I thought it was cool so I copied him. I stuck with it all throughout high school, college even up to now. I've found I enjoy other things as well as music, like editing and videography. Writing music has always been a huge part of my life."

Q: What Are You Goals For Music?

"I want to have a dedicated audience, doesn't have to be millions though that'd be great too, but a dedicated audience who understands me, relates to me and follows me through my journey. Basically doing what I'm doing now but on a larger scale. To make a living off music is the ultimate goal."

Q: Who Is Your Ideal Fan?

"I think people going through a transition in life. Growing up. People experiencing real life experiences and going through those ups and downs. I think there's a stigma around femlae artists staying relatable as they get older and they're known more for who they were rather than who they are now. So I want to remain relatable to those my age as I grow older."

Q: Who's Your Favorite artist To Work With?

"My friend Rob, who goes by Blu Hyku. I met him through one of my coworkers. He actually lives in New York. We've done a few collabs together now. I also enjoyed working with Eddie. We just released Cool Ass Friends. I think ideally i want to work with someone who's open to hella ideas, who can write from the heart and isn't afraid to be the weird person."

Q: What Influenced Your Style of Music?

"I always sing about my feelings or like anything I'm doing. My music is like a diary of my life. Very baseline songwriter singing about anything."

Melaya always does her vocal warm-ups which is why her sound is top tier. Everyone could take a page out of her book by being yourself shamelessly and putting your heart out there. If you want to hear her music, you can find her on TikTok, Instagram & Spotify. We know it won't be long until she's on tour, but this time for her own music!

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