Marcel B TheMC

Marcel B aka B TheMC is a father, husband, coach, rapper/songwriter, co-founder of Merlot Shades: a Christian multimedia company, he hosts a podcast called God Made Dirt, he runs Ambassador Studios in Michigan, and by day he is a senior security engineer. All these hats Marcel wears are connected by his faith and his drive to show people that they don’t need to be perfect to be accepted and loved. As long as you are working on your faith, God will meet you where you’re at. “In fact,” says Marcel, “He wants you to bring all your imperfections with you.”

Marcel calls himself a Biblocrat, which he explains is a term coined by Bishop Ben Gibert that means “you’re biblically ruled, but you’re politically schooled.” It means that you don’t let your political views or the party you follow dictate your treatment of other people. “You allow the differences to bridge the gaps.” Biblocrat was also created as a way for people in ministry media, i.e. the people who set up the mics, run the cameras etc during church services, to link up.

Marcel’s passion to connect people and help them grow also birthed the idea for Ambassador Studios in Michigan, a place Marcel says is behind when it comes to technology. Ambassador Studios was created as a way to give both youths and adults in the area access to audio and video technology, as well as giving them the knowledge to use it. It has two audio recording rooms, one video room and a “convertible” room all available to create podcasts, record music, make videos and other media. Marcel has already started helping other creators record their own podcasts. “It’s been really dope, to go from artist to helping someone else put their idea together.”

As an artist, Marcel started rapping around 2001. He just decided one day to write a 100 bar verse. He showed it to a friend who was in the music industry at the time, who asked him if he could rap that 100 bar verse on a beat he had made. Before he knew it, Marcel was in a hip hop-swing group called The Rap Pack. The group started performing and gaining success, radio plays, and even a record deal with Virgin records. Unfortunately, that year Virgin dropped all their music labels and Marcel’s group was back to chasing labels as there was no YouTube or Spotify at the time. After a while, the members of The Rap Pack began having bigger priorities in life and eventually they hung up their musical hats. Marcel kept doing some ghost writing for other artists, but it wasn’t until years later when he started getting healthier physically that his passion to create his own art returned again.

That's when Marcel says the birth of Merlot Shades and B TheMC came to be. He is now a Christian rapper who says his main goal is to give bar-heavy, hard tracks that people can relate to, not cliche or corny Christian rap - and that’s exactly what he serves up in his single, On God. Some of the lyrics on the track were inspired by his own personal experiences. “You may never get that job back, but you can get a better one on the bounceback. Just because it got repo’d, God can offset it like the Migos.” On God is an encouraging track with a reminder to keep moving forward, don’t hold on so tightly to the outcome of a situation, just hand it over to God/heaven. The cover art of On God tells the same story, the image of an escalator with all of Marcel’s projects on the steps going up to heaven. He says that he only overlooks these projects, but God is responsible for them. This sort of faith allows you to be less attached to the outcome so you can keep growing. You can listen to On God on all platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.

Q: Where did you get the name B TheMC? At first it was Bleezy and then just Bleez. But as I started to rebrand from positive hip hop to Christian hip hop, I just wanted it to be authentically me. My name’s Marcel B so really it’s Marcel B the MC.

Marcel also went to the studio back in mid October and recorded 15 songs in 2 days for his next album, Biblocrat. “All I’m gonna say is, it’s gonna be lit,” says Marcel. Biblocrat is planned to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2022, so be sure to follow him on Instagram so you can stay in the loop on when that new project drops, and stay connected with Marcel B TheMc!

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