Make some room for Sultanthegiant

Chicago native Sultan at the age of 19 proves through conversation, wisdom and beautiful music that age is really just a number in this music industry. Sultan is currently coming out of his first year of college where he is focusing on a music degree but he has been a music lover way before now. He states that since the Disney Movie High School Musical came out, he's been singing around the house with his sister. From there he joined some choirs and got into musical theatre around his sophomore year in Highschool.

Sultan's goal out of Highschool was to continue his passion for musical theatre but since this was around the time when COVID first hit, he realized there wasn't much opportunity for him to pursue musical theatre with not stage. One of his SoundCloud rapper friends steered him towards the direction of YOUmedia center where several popular artists got their start. He began enjoying the process of music creation without really focusing on the technical parts that come along with a good sounding song such as mixing and arrangement. Having he center close down, he was fortunate enough to purchase equipment for him to record at home and letting lose on Tik Tok where he gained semi virality and got the opportunity to work with and grow with a producer leading him to where he is now in his career!

Desiring to one day headline for Chicago based music festival Lollapalooza, Sultan is realistic about where he is on his journey and content with the push and pull of the universe. Sultan states that being an overthinker and a creative person go hand and hand, something many of us can agree with. In his years making music and getting not so helpful feedback from outlets such as submit hub, he came to the conclusion that overall, music is subjective and that listeners will connect with so many different things that we as music creators don't have much control over.

Q: Your name is Sultan, what made you add the Giant at the end?

A: "It comes from my sister actually, I was going through a period where I was switching names like crazy because none of them were really sticking. I'm tall, like 6 foot so she suggested that I call myself Sultan the Giant. From there is just stuck and I don't see myself being anyone else. "

Q: What is your main genre?

A: "I'd say a mix between three being R&B , Alternative R&B & Pop"

Q: What are your songs typically about?

A: "I tend to write very free flowing in a way of when I hear something I just write what comes to my mind and it always ends up telling a story. Everything I write always ends up being cinematic, I can picture everything I am singing with an environment surrounding me. A lot of my favorite artists are very good at world building so that transfers over into my writing."

Q: Do you perform live or plan to?

A: "I do perform live. I'm in Chicago but I go to school in Los Angeles, so I do a lot of my performing there. I do some smaller shows here in Chicago like open mics here in there. I prefer performing live because it all goes back to the music theatre background. I personally love to perform with a band because it gives me so much energy and fluidity. I'm never focused on it being the same exact take as the recording, I actually aim for it to sound better."

Q: Tell us a little bit about your song "Don't Cry"?

A: "I recorded that song.. it's looking like two years ago at this point. I was going through a really tough time, I was working two jobs. Barely getting any sleep, I felt like nothing made sense to me. I was going into college or my senior year. Nothing made sense to me, I was stressing out about everything. I was going through a mixture of emotions because around that time I got into two car accidents. The first one I got a concussion. Which is more than just a mental thing, it distorts your emotions and then at the same time the second one I fell asleep because I was working too much and the car was totaled and I was told I could die for that. And I was overwhelmed, it was a stressful point in time and I just started writing. All of my friends know I'm not a writer but artistically that's where I was at that point. I remember just feeling so alone. "

As the interview goes on we discuss his release "Crush", his thoughts on romantic relationships, his marketing strategy and played a quick game of family feud speed round you should check out for sure! Sultan the Giant, is a force to be heard and then seen. We can't wait to see what he achieves in the future! If you want to get to know him on a more personal level feel free to follow him on his socials Sultanthegiant and check out his music!