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Updated: Jan 10

Latearia, formerly known as Xena in the music world, was born and raised in Detroit. Though she started as a rapper she has gained a new creative title as an author with her amazingly successful "A Very Curly" children's series catering to kids who have curly hair and her Inspirational Guides catering to those who are ready and willing to change their lives for the better. This bar heavy rapper has high goals for herself and we have no doubt that she's going to achieve every last one.

Although Latearia started off creating and performing dirty rap music, she’s since come back into the music scene after a hiatus to pursue inspirational/gospel rap. Whereas creating popular rap music we hear today by the likes of Meg Thee Stallion, Cardi B & City Girls would be effortless for Mrs. Latearia, she'd rather take the challenge of writing inspirational lyrics. Her life was anything but painless growing up and as easy as it would be to promote the negativity, taboo experiences of her past, the struggles she and many others have faced, she's opted to lead by example. Her music, much like her positive outlook and desire to make a change, prove that with that right mindset you can overcome any obstacles you're faced with.

Though she was on hiatus between 2009-2019, she's back to the grind. Being an author is her first job and source of income to fund her way as an artist. We know that when she does release new music, it'll be DIFFERENT. She may have some nerves because what she's bringing isn't like the artists mentioned previously, but we know it will reach the ears it's meant to. We also believe this type of change is absolutely necessary. While we wait for new music, we're excited to watch her successfully build and grow her foundation as an author. With a goal of 20,000 book sells in one year and sitting at 19,882 as of December 5!

Q: Why Did You Start Writing Kid's Books and What Was The Inspiration Behind The Titles?

"I grew up Detroit, Michigan, in a predominantly black neighborhood. When I had kids I wanted to give my kids a better life. We're now in a predominantly white neighborhood. When moved to the area we're in, my daughter became the only black child in her class. She was teased through all of Kindergarden and first grade because of her hair. I didn't know what to do so I went to my element of writing. I asked my daughter what she wanted to do, what she wanted to say and she said "Let's write a book!" I said okay let's do this!

Q: Who Would You Say Is Your Dream Collab?

"Lauryn Hill!" was the immediate answer! No hesitation in her decision. We weren't surprised by this answer because both are skilled goddesses with the mic and have a passion to be real when it comes to music.

Q: Would You Say She's One Of Your Influences?

"Absolutely! I love Lauryn. And Left Eye. Erykah Badu for sure. I just like real music that you can feel." She went on to mention Jay-Z as another creator that moves her and influences her songwriting.

Q: What Are You Focusing On More Right Now? Being A Rapper Or An Author?

"Being an author. It's my piggy bank. That's where I'm going to build my foundation, so that I can get back into music." She explains further that coming back into music she wants to know what she's doing. She wants it to sound good. She intends to build her platform through her writing then applying the same process to her music. This is part of the artist change. She wants to inspire others and reignite the fire. She's already making an impact in children's lives just by making them feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own hair. "Having mercy is a beautiful thing. Without mercy there can be no grace." she states in one of her Inspirational Guides.

Q: What Song Are You Most Proud Of?

"Probably 'Different' and I did that with Lady D. I feel like we talked about it and it's just different." This unreleased song with Lady D may be hitting all streaming platforms sooner than later!

If you have a child or even if you don't be sure to go to her website and purchase one of her books to help her hit her goal of 20,000 books this year. Be sure to follow her on TikTok @lovelightvibes and get ready for new music with a real message.

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