Learning Life Through Living It with River Hooks

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

River Hooks is a Music Publicist, Producer, and Singer Songwriter. River has been singing every since she could remember. Starting off pretty early, in Elementary School she had a strict choir teacher that helped mold her musical knowledge for over 3 years. River is now a genre - fluid musician who is learning life through living it.

In the interview we talked a bit about her song "YOU LOST A REAL FRIEND". To summarize she states that the song is about a friend who doesn't have any boundaries, and she is not cool with that. Well neither are we! We went on to ask her what she considers a real friend and here is what she said.

A real friend is someone who is honest with you no matter what, someone who sticks with you through thick and thin and wants to see you succeed. They genuinley care about how you are doing and it is a mutual friendship.

"And if you tryna get faded, find somebody else to take away the pain with"


What motivates you to keep going?

"I want to do something fulfilling in my life; Something that I wake up to everyday that I absolutley love to do."

What does your writing process look like?

"Lyric writing for me is probably the easiest. I imagine the cinematic version of the song first and I go from there building from the imagery. But lately writing down any words or phrases that I gravitate to and when I want to challenge myself I pick a word or a phrase out of my notes and write a song based off of it."

Where do you see your music in 10 years

"I see myself having a manager, being a ghost writer, producing for other people, and being behind the music scene but also releasing my own music. "

Who is your biggest fan?

"My friends for sure are huge fans but my parents are my biggest fans. Every since I wanted my first instrument to the point I decided to take music serious they have been supportive. They really want me to succeed and they believe in everything I do."

The pure amount of awesome that River has can not be expressed through our blog or even throught the full interview, but please do check out our podcast or full video below and check out her music! Comment below what stood out to you!

We appreciate you being part of the family now lets ASCEND!

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