Interview With Independent Rapper Hyphen

In his last semester of college, Vince Ortiz, Hyphen realized that obtaining a degree wasn't something that he really wanted. At that moment he decided he would leave the university he attended despite being in the midst of finals week. Some may consider this a risky move, but his journey is not yours and his parents fully support his decision. Currently, he is wearing all of the hats that typically fall on Independet Artists while maintaing a 40+ hour work week. Fortunatley he was available to take time from his busy schedule in order to be interviewed by Lucas here at Ascendance. In Hyphens interview he tells us what motivates him, the qualities he looks for in good music and sheds some light on the process of making his song Pink from his recently released album Call It What You Want.

Dont just tell me you wit it, if you aint go out and get it!

-"Nathy Peluso"Hyphen


What Motivates You to Keep Going?

"I'm not very money motivated, I mean of course it would help but that's not what I do it for. I generally love doing it, I love the process I love that it challenges me to improve lyrically, work on my cadence, improve breath control and work on my mixing/mastering."


What Is Your Mindset When You Are Making Music?

"Most of the time I find a beat that I like and after determining what emotion it gives me, I start mumbling until I find the right words to fill in. It is trial and error, but my main goal is to make sure I am being authentic to myself and tell my story"


What Was Your Inspiration Behind "Pink"?

"Typically, I write more songs about more serious topics but this time I decided to get out my element and try something fun. The verses came quickly but coming up with the hook didn't come until later on when I experinced a night on the town and danced with a lady wearing pink pants."


In the interview, he goes on to tell us about A dream that developed from that night. I would tell you about it, but I promise it will be a greater experience if you listen to the story in his own words on our podcast.

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