Getting The Party Started with Band$ & Roll$

Band$ & Roll$ (Chance and Jaya) are both from Dallas, TX. They’re a dynamic hip-hop duo who love to make hype songs that make you want to turn up! The two met up in their freshman year of high school and became tight friends. Anywhere you’d see Chance, you’d see Jaya and vice versa.

When they first started making songs, they weren’t taking rapping too seriously, but were just enjoying writing and practicing. People started telling them they should get in the studio, ‘cause they sounded good! It didn’t take long for them to start recording tracks, making their own beats and recordings to bring into the studio. “The first time in the studio was kinda scary, but it was fun! You don’t really know your sound yet, so you need to try different things and find what sounds good with your voice,” says Band$.

However, they weren’t in a rush to start posting tracks just yet. It was during a time where Soundcloud was blowing up with way too many rappers, so they were hanging back and waiting for their moment to start releasing. They used their time learning, practising, honing their skill, broadening their vocabulary. Band$ says he will always pick up a thesaurus if he needs some inspiration.

They eventually met up with their now main producer Coby, who has helped them level up their sound and get them on the fast track to making high quality tracks. Coby is totally cool with Band$ & Roll$ asking to play the track back over and over so they can get the take they like.

Those leveled up tracks are on their way soon in a new tape called “On Everything,” coming out sometime by the end of the year. They’ve already released one song on Soundcloud as a teaser.


Q: where’d you come up with the name Band$ & Roll$?

Band$ always had that nickname.

Q: What advice would you give an artist just starting out?

“Find your sound, and go with the vibe you feel in the studio. If you make a turnt up song but have a sad vibe in the studio, how that work?” -Band$.

Q: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Juvenile, lots of southern rap, and some Biggie


Q: Where’d you come up with the name Band$ & Roll$?

Roll$ came about first when Band$’ mom made her headbands and one of them said Rolls. It also goes together well with Band$, and she’s also the main one who rolls up j’s in the session XD

Q: What advice would you give an artist just starting out?

“Stay consistent, but don’t rush. Some people put out hella songs, but they don’t give people enough time to catch on. Find your niche and stay on it long enough for people to figure out who you are and what you do.” -Roll$

Q: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Ludacris, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent.

Q: What song(s) are you most proud of? Band$

- released, gmfh(most recent). They want to do a remix with more artists; “I need Duke Dukes on the remix!” unreleased, “uppers.” “that shit go crazy” “it's a different vibe than what we usually do.” -Roll$. Roll$ fave released, “what;” “the beat was fire.” unreleased, no kissing these bitches goodbye.

Make sure to follow Band$ & Roll$ on their socials so you don’t miss their music release announcements. They’ll be dropping the single “B4 DA TAPE” soon, and after that they’ll be announcing the tape release date.

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