Forever Summer Album Review - Baby Bronco

Although he is only eighteen, Georgia rapper Jordan Warlick, stage name Baby Bronco will have you well on your way to restoring hope back into the current carbon copy music releases that we are used to. "Forever Summer" is an album that you can tell was perfectly planned and executed. With similar production throughout the entire album the "Forever Summer" can be enjoyed by listening to each song in order or on shuffle to give you a different experience!

"My vision for this album was to create something nostalgic and something that’s representative of my years growing up as a teenager and my hope is for anybody who listens to Forever Summer to have that same feeling. I want people to feel like they’ve heard something like this before that’s reminiscent of a time in their life that they looked back on fondly"

"Forever Summer" takes us on a 26 minute reminiscent journey of what it was like growing up during the summertime.

Forever Summer

In His words: "This track is just an instrumental track but sets the atmosphere and mood for the listener so that they can be introduced to the world that is Forever Summer."

In Our Words: Forever Summer, although only an instrumental sets the mood and expectation for the rest of the album. This ethereal instrumental is perfectly placed as it takes you out of your physical surroundings and allows you to step into that feeling of the first day of summer with endless possibilities to hang out with your friends, enjoy the summer sun, ride your bike, and an endless possibility of growth.

The Sun

In His words: "For this song, I really wanted to showcase my pen as a rapper and for new listeners of my music to be introduced to my skills as an artist."

In Our Words: The Sun gives us our first introduction to Baby Broncos memorable voice and lyrics. The clarity and pronunciation of his lyrics are appreciated because clear vocals are becoming a rarity especially for younger artists. Production wise, The Sun keeps us on the vibe set since the beginning. Although it's not to the point it takes away from the song at all, we do believe the engineering could be tweaked a bit on this one. Overall, The Sun really sets the stage of what we can expect lyric wise!

Calling ft. Vlientele

In His words: "Calling is one of my personal favorites of this project because of the fact that it showcases my confidence and bravado when it comes to the goals that I set for myself as an artist. For this project, I had something to prove because of the fact in my personal life I had people doubting my ability to create music and Calling is a middle finger to everybody who doubted my skills. I also had my personal friend and collaborator, Vlientele, as the featured artist for this song. His writing ability and his ability to ride a beat help add to the theme of the song nicely. He also produced 9 out of the 10 tracks on this project"

In Our Words: Calling brings up the tempo with some reminiscent 90s hip hop beat and super fitting samples. The lyricism and metaphors from both artists are easily caught and will leave you wondering how they came up with some of the bars! Beyond that the feature by Vlientele does not take away, but helps highlight and accentuate Baby Broncos vocals and lyrics. Alone each artist did their thing, but together they created something almost majestic!

D.O.T Freestyle

In His words: "D.O.T is a short interlude-like track for the project where I just rap, I remember first writing this song when I was at work and kept pacing thinking about what I was going to say. I wanted to make sure that every bar was written meticulously and fit into the freestyle."

In Our Words: Baby Bronco once again impresses us with his lyrics and metaphors with D.O.T Freestyle. If listened in order, this song shakes up the flow of the previous four with a different style but it isn't so drastic that it takes away or distracts from the album. D.O.T Freestyle is ridden with impressive bars and rhyme schemes, a sure favorite for the truest of hip hop listeners.


In His words: "Tides is the feeling of what it’s like to be a teenager hanging out with your friends, smoking weed, and just kicking back and enjoying your youth. All those nostalgic memories and feelings came to me when I first heard the instrumental of this song and I immediately started writing.

In Our Words: Tides thus far is lyrically one of our favorites. We can picture this song being in a coming of age movie where teenagers are hanging out during the summer at the smoke park smoking a bit and just having fun, the part before any drama happens in the movie and it's just good vibes. Good vibes is the perfect description for this song. Listen to it and you'll see exactly what we mean!

Honeydew ft. kArL

In His words: "Honeydew is a song about smoking weed and chilling back while listening to music. It’s a smoke session in song form."

In Our Words: With the marijuana positive lyrics and hint of reggae vibes in the production, Baby Bronco perfectly describes "Honeydew" as a smoke session in song form. Once again Baby Bronco makes a great creative choice with the feature from kArL. kArL's verse offers a fresh vocal and delivery that packs a punch without stealing the show.

Freedom ft. Info Black

In His words: "Freedom is one of the more thematic cuts off of Forever Summer, this song details events surrounding the George Floyd incident and details themes such as police brutality and performative white solidarity. During that time I saw so many people coming out claiming to support black people while also not giving a platform to black and brown people to have a voice and giving them opportunities to give their perspectives. This song was made to uplift black and brown and that we’re still fighting to have our voices heard.."

In Our Words: Although many of Baby Broncos lyrics thus far throughout "Forever Summer" touch on his perspective on being a melanin man, Freedom introduces a more introspective look into his take surrounding police brutality and performative stands of solidarity. Many songs that so openly address political issues can come off as cheesy and forced but we feel both Info Black and Baby Bronco did a great job of getting his message across in a way that feels natural.