Food For Thought With Omni Versal

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

21 Year Old (Jordan Hewson)Omni Versal is an audio engineer at KQ records, singer song writer and rapper. Although he only has his latest release "Take Out" on streaming services, he and a couple of artist from KQ have many songs on soundcloud. Omni is the very definition of a genre - fluid artist.

Life without creativity is a life wasted.

-Omni Versal

How Did You Come Up With Your Artist Name?

"Growing up I was interested in nerdy things like comic books and tv shows that dealt with science fiction. When I started writing I knew I wanted to do multiple genres, and multiple ascpects of the music industry, which left me wondering how I could encompass the idea of it all with inclusion of my nerdy background. Having an interest in the multiverse theory lead me to the word Omniverse, which means all and that name has stuck with me."

What is your main message?

"I want to Inspire people to pursue whatever area of creativity they feel lead to. I want them to hear what I do and think I want to try that."

When did you realize that making music is what you really wanted to do?

"When I was growing up my brother was the lead guitarist and head engineer of his heavy metal band. I would go in his room and he would teach me a little bit of what he was doing. When I was in middle school I got bullied and teased alot and would vent through writing raps. I honed in from there met Blessed Integrity first then eventually the whole crew. Then I realized we are really doing this. I realized, I don't want to live a life doing something I don't want to do. "

Omni Versal is super passionate about everything he does, and believes it would be a wasted life to do anything other then he loves. I for one love the passion and drive this young man has and hope nothing but success for his future. To hear or watch his story more in depth to learn his whole character and hear a bit of his single, check out the full podcast on streaming services or the full interview availabe on youtube soon.

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