Exploring Talent with Jonathan McField

Jonathan is a very interesting and talented person, he has a fun and energetic vibe that stands out and is unique. After moving from his island Costa Rica, he began his singing journey. After winning second place in a choir contest he was soon approahced by choir director who offered to assist him in developing his talents by performing. Since that time, he has been performing with a well versed cover band called the Classics where they cover music from the 70s and 80s from sound design all the way to the outfits.

Music is my anchor.

What Inspired your single "Let's Go"?

"Working along with The Classics and drawing inspiration from the 70s - 80s pop genre inspired me to make Let's Go. I had so much being a part of this group and performing and I wanted to capture that in a song."

What should new artists do?

For singers and songwriters who don't know how to make beats. Try to connect with producers and maintain that relationship. If you are struggling to connect with beat makers, beatstars.com is very popular. "Today I refer to it as the McDonald's of beats." You can also look up beat makers on Instagram and TikTok.

When did you start singing seriously?

"Once I moved from my island to Costa Rica, I started connecting with other singers and really got into the whole vibe. From there everything started falling into place and I've been doing it for 15 years."

What advice would you give to artist afraid to perform?

"Just do it! Show up everytime, because if you want to take your career to serious levels you will have to overcome the fright regardless."

Performing is not an easy task at first, but with practice you can become the performer you have always wanted to become. We encourage you to check out the full podcast and video as well as his music. Comment below what you thought of his interview!

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