Emerging From The Shadows - 6th$ithlord

Updated: Jan 28

6th$ithlord is a shadow rapper who’s making waves in the hip-hop industry. In August of this year, his song Lurking in the Shadows II blew up after being featured on the youtube channel Trash Gang. He now has 6k+ Spotify followers.

$ith is really starting to see the fruits of his labor after spending over a decade learning his craft. He’s been making music since he was around 12 years old. All the tracks he made in that time are still alive on his Soundcloud, like a time capsule of his artist development. Sith says what really inspired him to want to make music was when he was 11 or 12 visiting family in El Paso, his cousins took him and his younger brother to a rave concert. The lights, music and energy had him in a trance. He knew he wanted to be a part of this.

After that, he downloaded the free demo of FL Studio, which didn’t let you save your work. $ith was making beats every day just only for them to disappear after - but it didn’t matter to him because he wanted to learn and he loved doing it. $ith continued to learn and upgrade, mainly making beats until around 2012, when he was inspired to write by his own spiritual awakening. He kept developing his now very dark “shadow rap” sound, which he says was very inspired by Suicide Boys, but otherwise $ith says he tries to reach within himself to create his own musical style.

Around 2016 is when his Soundcloud really started to get attention and 6$ithlord became a known name in underground rap. He was getting offers for features and beats, and things started moving fast. At that point, $ith was a senior in high school when Schemaposse took notice of the attention he was getting and offered him the spot opening for them at their show. His parents drove him from Austin TX to Tuscan, AZ to perform and that really opened up his eyes to the fact that he could really do this and been taking it seriously every since, dropping fire releases regularly.

What are some more of your musical inspirations? Daft Punk, Slipknot, Bones, Kid Cudi.

What advice would you give someone starting off as an artist? Just do you, if you’re inspired by someone’s music and want to make something similar great, but don’t just try to chase whatever sound you think is going to blow up.

You can find 6th$ithlord and all his projects by checking out his Linktree.

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