Down the Alternative Path with Koty DeCent

Koty DeCent is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, originally from Nebraska but currently living in Tennessee. Koty started off by putting his vocals over YouTube beats, and eventually moved on to producing his own tracks so that they could be officially released. He dabbles in all genres but country, and is currently working on alt rock.

Koty says what he makes really depends on what he feels like making at the time. He’s very influenced by bands like Linkin Park, and Twenty One Pilots, but also a huge fan of underground rap and other genres which he uses to mesh together to create his own sound. He uses songwriting as his own personal therapy against anxiety and depression, but decided to release his music publicly in hopes of helping others feel seen.

Koty says he’s been interested in music since infancy, singing along to everything, and that developed into an interest in creating music. By 2017 he had developed his production skills enough to start recording songs. It was at that time that he released his first EP called “Sleepless and Serene” in 2018. Since then he has released several projects, including his most recent single “Tell Me,” released in March. Check out the video below!

You can expect to hear new music from Koty fairly often, but he doesn’t force himself to stick to specific deadlines. His current work in progress, an EP called “Static,” is the longest he’s worked on a project, and he plans to give himself the time to plan the release strategy. One of his current main strategies is to post on TikTok a lot to let people know what he’s got going on.

Make sure to be on the lookout for Koty on all platforms, he's not leaving anytime soon and we can't wait to see what all comes out

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