Song Review #17: Trillbert, Matrixx & Melanin Gaud - Part 2

Updated: Jan 10

Rounding off our last reviews of 2021, we bring you three very talented musicians! As independent musicians ourselves, we know how important helpful feedback and support is, so we give each song a thorough review based on what they said their skill level was, and our opinion of the beat, cadence, lyrics, and replay value. Take a listen to these three artists and let us know what you would've rated them!

Melanin Gaud - Up to Something (8.29)

Melanin Gaud came with the message straight from the Lord. The conviction in her words paired with the perfectly produced beat will have you ready to crush the day, your workout, or any situation you’re preparing to face. Up To Something is a fitting title and we definitely feel the power and inspiration through this song.

With this target on my back lord show me how I supposed move.

What is the message you want to share with this song?

The song is about my own personal spiritual warfare in the first verse and the 2nd verse is about the second coming of Yeshua/ Jesus (a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)

What would you like listeners to feel when listening to "Up to something"?

I would like listeners to feel like their not the only ones who are under attack, but they have to resist the wiles of the enemy with urgency, because nobody, INCLUDING Yeshua, knows the day or time of his return.

Critiques: We really didn't have to much to offer in the critique of this powerful track other then maybe adding another back up vocal for emphasis. We all felt that the message in this song is very powerful and feel that her words make you want to go back and really take in what she is spitting.

Matrixx - Locationz (8.04)

Matrixx location tracker is on and he’s heading straight to the top. This one is perfect for a late night cruise or laid back kickback with the homies. Bump this one on your speakers and just vibe with Matrixx one time for the one time.

What inspired the song?

This track was inspired strictly off of the vibe of the night.I was high, and wanted to work on something new so Roshi (one of my producers) already had that made for me.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get from this song?

I want the listeners to feel like they’re enjoying whatever it is they’re doing while listening.

Critiques: At times the vocals take over the beat and sometimes hear

slight cracks in the autotune but overall sound is on point and his vocals and cadence work great over the beat.

Triillbert - Attention (7)

Triillbert and Jai Sterling are giving us all the game with this sensual vibe. They may not be simps, but they’re definitely making their worth as kings known while letting all the queens of the world know what they have to offer. Give them your attention for 4 minutes and you won’t regret it.

Critiques: The beat is insane and the confidence is apparent. Mic sounds quality but the voices almost sounded robotic at times. The switch between the two different voices could have been blended a little bit better. Overall, Attention has really smooth vocals a great beat and is super Catchy.

We encourage you to check out each of these artists either on our Ascendance Family Playlist or the links attached and let us know how you would rate each of these songs. See you next time with more indie reviews!