Chopping It Up With Blacc Benni

In a recent podcast, melodic rapper Blacc Benni sat down with us to discuss his music journey. Blacc Benni hails from Wrightsville, Georgia, about 2 hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. He released his first single at the age of 13, since then he has opened for artists such as Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Paul Wall, Zro, and Kirko Bangs.

"I don't stick with the trends, it (my music) ain't a lot of shoot em up, kill this person, kill that person. I stick with what's in front of me."

- Blacc Benni

Blacc Benni does not try to promote violence in his songs; he stays true to himself and raps about his current life situations. Blacc Benni goes on to describe an experience he had while he was in his car listening to a beat on an empty stomach, which lead him to create his recent song "Chopstick," which is available on all platforms.

What Motivates you?

"First of all, I got a little ones, so my kids, keep me going. When I got writers block, my twin brother keeps me motivated."

What Would You Change About The Music Industry?

"The fake sh*t, you know they say they support you one minute and if you pass them they don't support you no more"

If you would like to hear the full interview to learn more about Blacc Benni check out the full podcast below or on Spotify and go follow him on Instagram @blaccbenni_ there you will find his tutorial on how to use chopsticks.

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