Breakthrough with Danielle Evans

Updated: Aug 31

Danielle Evans is a born and raised Michigan native who is rising quicker and quicker as each day passes. She may have started in her school's choir but she's certainly ascended past that and skyrocketing in her pursuit of music. She's not only an amazing singer and powerful songwriter but she is also a self-taught instrumentalist who is proficient in Banjo, guitar, Mandolin, Piano, and Violin. That in and of itself is beyond impressive in our eyes.

Her music is not only powerful in sound but it is also empowering for every ear that listens. She is vulnerable in her openness about mental health, past experiences and digging deeper in her faith. It's not everyday we stumble across an artist who expresses themselves so freely and openly and we're excited to dive in and introduce this incredible artist, Danielle Evans!

Q: Can You Tell Us What Your Song "One More Day" Is About?

"One More Day was written in late 2020, beginning of 2021. Mental health is something that obviously a lot of people suffer with. I am one. I am a mental health enthusiast. My mental health really, really took a toll when I lost my job, then we had a loss in the family that took us by surprise. I just felt so lost and I didn't really know how to cope with anything. It just got to the point that I was just surviving. Songwriting is a way that I cope with things. I started singing this random melody and it just spurred out of me. Some times it takes hours, days, weeks to write a song but this one just poured out me."

Q: Do You Follow The Same Process With Every Song?

"Every song has it's own way. It really depends on each song. If you do the same thing every time it gets boring."

Q: What's Some Advice You Have For New Artists Starting?

"I would say don't give in to the voices in your head that's telling you not to. Don't let other's opinions, thoughts or anything negative/toxic keep you from doing what you want to do. Some opinions can be nice, don't get me wrong, but letting it all happen when you want it to happen, and when you do let it happen, DO NOT give up. Keep pushing. You will get to where you want to be, just don't give up. It takes time. It's milestone after milestone, baby step after baby step."

Q: How Has The Growth Been?

"It's been crazy. It really has been. I'm not normally looking at stats but now I'm glimpsing at them everyday. I don't care about the streams, the vies or the money. What I do care about is the connection with others. I'm feeling so grateful I have a fanbase. Within a year and a half, seeing everything climb and climb and climb leaves me speechless. The only thing I can say is it's crazy. It's mind blowing."

Q: Which Instrument Would You Say You're Best At?

"I would say I'm best playing guitar. I was in band for 7.5 years, so that's how I got started in music. I played Clarinet. Guitar was my first instrument I picked up. I was 12 when I learned to play a song or two. At 14, 15 I seriously learned how to play guitar. Then I learned mandolin, piano and violin. 3 years ago my uncle gave me his banjo, so I'm still fairly new to banjo."

Danielle Evans is a light in this beautiful music community. Danielle always has a smile on her face and her personality makes you want to embrace even more than you already did from just hearing her music. With a listener count nearing 20k monthly on Spotify, she's making incredible strides in not only spreading her music but also shedding light on mental health and it's importance especially in today's climate. Be sure to follow Danielle on all platforms and also be sure to stream her music. We guarantee you won't regret it!