Blessed Integrity, A Heart In the Arts

Seneca Lillard, better known as Blessed Integrity, is an Atlanta native who is currently a Nashville based Rapper, Writer, Actor and is recognized as a natural creative. Like himself, we acknowledge that the term "artist" best describes him. Though his focus is currently on his rap career, he knows that when he gets back to school he'll go pedal to the metal with his acting career. Though his acting portfolio and his music catalogue are still growing, it is clear that this talented creative will soon be a household name inspiring anyone who hears his message or sees his films.

He's dedicated to his art and it shows in his mixtapes which aren't quickly created but created with intention and purpose. While he speaks on his goals, relationships, and process in his music, it's evident that the emotion, passion and vulnerability are present.

Q: What's Your Job?

"The job I currently work at right now, I hate it so much but you know we have to grind to get to where we want to go. The job I have now, I work at Amazon moving packages."

Q: How Did You Get Into Music?

"You could pinpoint so many points in my life that could've been when i got into it. I was making beats at 8 years old. I took a music writing class in middle school. When i got into high school when I met Omniversal. There are so many points in my life that anyone could say "that's when he wanted to do music."

Q: How Did You Come Up With Your Artist Name?

"Honestly, when I was coming up with a rap name it was hard. I didn't want a typical name. I wouldn't say I was striving to be different, but I wanted something personal to me. Something easy yet relatable to me. I started thinking about how I go through so many things in life as we all do, but one thing I realized is no matter what I'm going through I'm always blessed. The second half is a nod to me just staying true to myself no matter what I go through."

Q: Who Is Your Ideal Audience?

"If I'm being honest that's been the main phase I've been in lately is trying to find my ideal audience. It's hard because I don't make music for the typical radio. I don't make music for the typical commercial aspect. I've been to the club and that's not my audience. If I'm being honest, I don't know but I hope I figure it out soon."

Q: Who Inspires You?

"Drake has taught me how to be vulnerable. J. Cole is a down to earth type, humble, honest type of character. Kendrick Lamar's story telling and brutal honesty. Kanye with his creativity and Lil Wayne with his metaphors."

Blessed Integrity is constantly finding blessings in his situation whether it's good or bad. Though he holds himself to a high standard, he ensures that he is genuine, shamelessly him and never losing sight of who is and who he will be. He knows success is in his future and we have no doubt that he was made to shine in this world. If you want to hear his music, you can find him on Facebook, YouTube & Spotify. We know it won't be long until he's on a world tour or the big screen letting his light shine bright.

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